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Recent content by felis

  1. felis

    PC FTW normal VS normal expert

    Recently, I have tried a classic difficulty with a for the worthy seed, and feel it may be comparable for the difficulty in expert mode of a random world (but the difficulty should still be less than master mode) More difficult in FTW: Higher damage for most mobs (~2.7X vs 2X in expert) and...
  2. felis

    accessories tier list

    Treasure Magnet can actually be very helpful for some combat, especially for magic users (Wall of Flesh for example), it increased the range of picking up heart and star. (the heartreah potion may not be available early in corruption world, and Celestial Magnet may not be easy to obtain)
  3. felis

    PC About Not the Bees

    Recently, I have finishing a playthrough in the secret seed "Not the Bees!" (large, master, corruption) and would like to share some experience about this unique map. First of all, although it is more like a joke map, it is still possible to finish a playthough normally and provide some unique...
  4. felis

    Warding Vs Menacing (for each class)

    Depending on your playstyle and map, on high difficulty (especially FTW seed maps) or play with low defense (like summoner), warding is not very helpful; but if you play a melee charactar with already high defense, warding would be very helpful. For example, if you have 30 def, the enemy deals...
  5. felis

    How to get meteorite armour pre-EoW, (or even pre-any boss if you're lucky)

    It is possible in the 05162020 seed, the dungeon monsters spawns above the height the Guardian spawns, and it is possible to obtain gold key from them and then obtain the shadow key through fishing.
  6. felis

    **REPORTED** Possible bug about Armor Penetration

    The Armor Penetration is a status to reduce the enemies defense, so, theoretically, since negative defense in the game is treated as 0, it should not give more damage than the damage shown on the weapon. However, should the enemy actually got negative defense, it actually increased the damage by...
  7. felis

    PC Special effects for some new Minecarts

    There are many new Minecarts added in 1.4, but most of them give no special effects, so here is some ideas about adding special effects on some minecarts: Gem minecarts: Give some defense (similar to Mechanical Cart, 2~7 depending on speed), also deal higher damage when hitting an enemy on the...
  8. felis

    PC Additional effects for some armor and vanity items

    So some armor set are without set bonus, also, some vanity item could have some (joke) effects, here are my ideas: And Wood set (except Spooky): Add improved stats bonus (similar to Well Fed buff) in its surface environment, also the Rich Mahogany works also in Underground Jungle, and the...
  9. felis

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    A very good review for weapons, but I would like to give some personal ideas based on my experience that are different about this review: Coin Gun B+~A+, depending how much inconvenience you could accept. It acts very well in Bosses, but not very good in normal exploring or events, the main...
  10. felis

    PC Some ideas about the bestiary

    Some ideas about improving the bestiary and adding mob spawning items to make it possible for 100% completing in every world: 1. Adding some missing mobs in the bestiary, for example, Pirate's Curse and Spiked Slime (form King Slime). 2. Adding variants of some entries, for example, butterflies...
  11. felis

    PC Any suggestion about Not the bees world

    Recently I tried a master Not the bees world run, but don't feel right about it, it lacks many resources (like fishing, stone, sand, some herbs) and contains almost all Jungle (one of the most danger biomes), the honey is good for healing but greatly reduced speed for exploring. So, is there...
  12. felis

    PC A simple way to fight Empress of Light

    This is a simple method to fight Empress of Light in the day time without much effort to dodge. As Mechanical Cart is needed, it does not work well in normal world. The arena: Two minecart tracks (3 or 4 blocks distance) about as long as the world, and one track linking to the hallow, the height...
  13. felis

    Weapon Vanity Slots

    Or perhaps there could be only one slot, any weapon will use the weapon's look instead. So, if you equip a sniper rifle in the slot, and swing the breaker blade, you will show swing the gun instead; and in reverse, you will use the sword to fire bullets.
  14. felis

    Working as Designed Guide to critter companionship doesn't protect explosive bunny

    I tested on a normal world (a random seed and normal difficulty) and a journey world, The book has no effect on either one.
  15. felis

    Hello Yora, a question about world seeds: Is is possible to get a secret world seed (drunk...

    Hello Yora, a question about world seeds: Is is possible to get a secret world seed (drunk world/Not the bees/for the worthy) if I leave the world seed blank (by pure luck, especially for 05162020)?
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