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  1. Floran8657

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    What is Plantero's sombrero. but whatever its here and I'm excited to play it
  2. Floran8657

    Lets talk about whatever (Everyone accepted)

    Well yes but they could be worse, there is quick heal button along with quick mana along with grapple button and basically a right click so its ok for me
  3. Floran8657

    Lets talk about whatever (Everyone accepted)

    Pre lunar events takes lots of planing not gonna lie
  4. Floran8657

    Werewolf Tails

    No, it was with the file itself. Me who made a small Terraria mode moved the folders around until it worked. and I does So
  5. Floran8657

    Werewolf Tails

    For some reason it doesnt work for me I loaded in like any other pack but it wont work
  6. Floran8657

    Every time I see a Texture Pack involving the zoologist or furries, i'm gonna meme it.

    Every time I see a Texture Pack involving the zoologist or furries, i'm gonna meme it.
  7. Floran8657

    What are your creepiest stories from playing Terraria?

    So once in 1.2 mobile I was in early Hardmode alright. So I was just working on my base and then I’m the bottom corner I see “This is goning to be a terrible night. I fought the twins and died. Later that day (IRL) I went swimming and it was a swim meet. A thunderstorm started near the end...
  8. Floran8657

    PC Old-Gen Console Weapons

    Well, I know where there are the sprites are. I frequently go to Terraria Gamepedia and there are sprites for the armor sets and all. I know it works because I made a mod and the arms worked
  9. Floran8657

    PC Old-Gen Console Weapons

    Say what also would be cool would be if the solar armor was textured to be dragon armor, vortex be titan, and so on. I would Honestly really love That.
  10. Floran8657

    PC The Rod of "Discord"

    This is the Texture pack I’ve been waiting for. 10yo me: *Pulls our phone that has discord on it* Me: I hAvE tHe RoD oF dIsCoRd
  11. Floran8657

    Angler As Hylotl

    Wait. Thats from Starbound
  12. Floran8657

    And dye it like a mix of cyan

    And dye it like a mix of cyan
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