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  1. freyon47

    What is the best pre-hardmode weapon

  2. freyon47

    Resolved Ornate Shadow key/Shadow orb bug

    ok fixed it now. i had to equip mimic using hotbar. Thanks anyway :)
  3. freyon47

    Resolved Ornate Shadow key/Shadow orb bug

    Hello everyone I don't know if it's a bug, but since I had a shadow mimic on, I've been wearing a shadow orb and thanks to that I had 2 pets active. I canceled the buff shadow mimic and now I cannot activate it again. It doesn't help to take off,throw the item away.
  4. freyon47

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    I wonder if our worlds of will work on 1.4.1🤔
  5. freyon47

    **REPORTED** Dungeon on top of crimson biome

    Same problem here ( Im also got anthil entry in desert, like it was in Edit: I generated about 200 worlds looking for the perfect seed for the new game, and came across several dungeons that were on the link between the end of the evil biom and the neutral. The dungeon in the...
  6. freyon47

    Working as Designed Finch Staff buff time limitless

    Hello Im not sure its a bug but after I use the finch staff "bird in the nest" buff is still active even when I completely get rid of this weapon (e.g. hiding in a chest)
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