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Recent content by Frosthaven

  1. Frosthaven

    Biome keys

    This is how I do it: (skip to 2:25)
  2. Frosthaven

    PC The Most Efficient Money farm in Terraria 1.3

    I can't say I actually watched it tbh. The last time I used it was while afk. Took a 6 hour nap and woke up to 85 plat. Not bad for doing nothing, and more than enough money to reforge until the end :)
  3. Frosthaven

    Why the Summoner class is terrible

    Outside of the pirate staff being incredibly wonky, summoner was my favorite 1.3 legit play through completed as it offered the most challenge (dodge or die, pretty much). Still little quirks I'd like to see some attention on though (the gap in gear progression made things rough around plantera...
  4. Frosthaven

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    I'm the one on the right: Original is my middle name. And then there is this guy. Never really cared for all the hoods and masks etc. Maybe one day. I need to stop being happy with my looks at character creation I guess?
  5. Frosthaven

    [HUMOROUS]Rod of discord paradox(dan dan dannn)

    I'm just going to start calling the rod of discord 'steve'.
  6. Frosthaven

    [HUMOROUS]Rod of discord paradox(dan dan dannn)

    This discussion just parodoxed my logic circuit into frying itself THANKS <3
  7. Frosthaven

    1.3 Expert Hardmode is too hard?

    Amen to that! I understand realism and games don't really go hand in hand BUT COME ON IT WAS HIS BRAIN MEAT!?
  8. Frosthaven

    1.3 Expert Hardmode is too hard?

    I agree with not crippling AI for the sake of normal mode, and that's where it gets tricky. Normal AI should be done in such a way that bosses are interesting and provide a challenge (otherwise what's the point of playing a game). Difficult bosses in harder modes SHOULD provide AI that requires...
  9. Frosthaven

    Tax collector rescue is not obvious enough?

    I'd LIKE to say I'd have figured it out on my own as I'm pretty 'nook and cranny' in my games - but if I hadn't heard about this npc before release I wonder if I would have known tbh. I agree some sort of education should be in place to at least tease at it!
  10. Frosthaven

    Disappointed with Expert Mode.

    I've now beaten expert mode with pretty much every class in a legit playthrough so far (working on finalizing my ranger play through this week - started with summoner). The Eye - probably your first foray into realizing you aren't in Kansas anymore. If you aren't good with a hook to...
  11. Frosthaven

    1.3 Expert Hardmode is too hard?

    I am indeed playing ranger class, because I've already completed summoner class and melee class. HONESTLY if you can do it as a summoner legit, you can do it with anyone! Having only limited summoner gear for progression hurts a LOT and you have to get really creative. But I'm always up for...
  12. Frosthaven

    Underestimating Crates...

    Fishing supported two of my character's reforging bills in 1.3 expert mode so far (at least until you get slime staff/lucky coin farm going). Never underestimate just how much money you can make when you are just trying to make lifeforce potions :D
  13. Frosthaven

    1.3 Expert Hardmode is too hard?

    I'm on my third legit let's play as a dedicated class (this time ranger), and I must say if expert mode got any easier I'd probably not enjoy it at all. Of course, there is a valid discussion in the type of difficulty. Just slamming higher numbers at the board isn't the best way to increase...
  14. Frosthaven

    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    375 plantera kills for the axe to drop pre 1.3 I did most of this in one sitting.
  15. Frosthaven

    PC Contemple, THE TRUE GOD OF TERRARIA!(not me)

    It's a pretty easy setup to imitate, but it's also fair to say it's a blast to watch :D
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