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  • I return, this time with a simple announcement.
    My mod, the Verdant Mod, could use two more beta testers.


    If you wanna help me do some testing on this mod, feel free to reply or DM me.

    Hopefully, I'll be back soon with a full release.
    i got tmodloader again i got my old mods i get to gabehaswons read the updates see the newest one (progress has stopped and stuff has moved)

    Gabe, how do I get your mod (Gabehaswon)
    Imy mod browser doesn't work and there is no download link on the page
    it says to ask so...
    plz can I have a download?
    found out that the mod doesn't work with hiccup251's prefixes for enemies mod, you might want to write that on the mod page because i know a lot of people use that mod
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    wait, what? yes it does! I just played it last night.
    having a BUNCH of fun constantly changing single numbers for the Void's custom spawning. Fun.
    Hey Gabe remember playing Teeworlds with me, I'm nugget. :D lel
    Hi there nugget, I sure do :p Kinda got bored of Teeworlds now, super rusty.
    Yeah same.
    No, it just that most people with the problem doesn't really read the tmodloader page for some reason or can't find it (must be blind). I'm just putting it there but since it died, I wanted to post on your profile (sorry) so I don't bump the thread up.
    wait...your that poular youtuber right? how do you have such a low amount of followers here?
    I'm not sure if 20 subscribers is popular...but...uh...no idea who you're talking about, really.
    i eh heeh confused you with mabivsgames since heehe
    That moment when you start a hardcore playthrough, and immediately get obliterated by an unbalanced modded enemy that your forgot to fix. :D
    Hey,thanks for the answer on my comment,i have two more things to ask and then im fine with the coding stuffs.
    1.:How can i make an item to be dropped only during hardmode/how to make an npc spawn only in hardmode(any of these help me alot)
    2.:How can i add custom loot at Underworld shadow chests,Floating skyware chests,Dungeon locked chests or even Jungle ivy chests?
    Thanks in advice for the answer!
    Sorry for the late response, I didn't get a notification for that for whatever reason. Start a conversation for that, it'd be more effective. Or, go on my mod's discord, I have a chatroom for that.
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