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    What Accessories do you Love but Never have Enough Room to Equip them?

    You said to give a reason, but then continued to post 3 of them with no reason...
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    Crashes when pressing Play

    I see, thanks for the help. It's a strange bug, I hope it gets fixed soon. This thread has been resolved.
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    Crashes when pressing Play

    I am not. Is your solution to be or to not be?
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    Crashes when pressing Play

    terraria happens to be unplayable for me currently... Literally. Terraria has had a major glitch on several occasions by this point, and by major I mean the game will hardly even start up. Whenever I press play, my game will not start and will just freeze. It will also do this for the tutorial...
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    What is the easiest boss in the game? (Mobile, PC, and Console)

    I would say Eye of Cthulu. Never battled King Slime, though, so we'll have to see later...
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    Scariest thing about Terraria

    If jump scares count as scary, I would have to say the dang explosive traps. I always get jump scared by them.
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    PC What's your favorite theme?

    I personally prefer the crimson theme. So unique and creepy.
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    What's your favorite starting biome?

    I prefer Snow myself. The problem is, I never even see it for some reason.:mad:
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    Console What HAVEN'T you done on Terraria so far?

    Actually make it to Hardmode. Sad, I know. I just do not have the patience to mine so much early game -_-. I'm getting close on console though. I'm missing out on so much...
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    How Did You Come Across Terraria?

    The way I found out about it was through paulsoaresjr's many lets plays of the game. Wow, those videos are older than I remember...
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    What is Your Favorite Terraria Music?

    Mine is probably either the Crimson Theme or the Lunar Boss theme... It'd be a hard choice.
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