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  1. GatEkEEpEr57

    [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    You would need un npc to sell Clentaminator ammo. call it Cream solution.
  2. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC The Graveyard

  3. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    Please do not reqote if you are having issues not reading the entire thread before considering someones suggestion as incomplete to your standards. When its truly up to devs.
  4. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    Please read earlier posts please
  5. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    hey i not an disigner here just un suggester you know. Besides got too make the stage before readying actors and props.
  6. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    Primitive human use to bring their dead too pitfalls in Africa. That's where I get the inspration. Bone golems. Heck an dragon could be dumping bones there. There not much use in reason why it's there. It's just there. Heck it could encoded animal bones like elephants. Lion king references. Etc.
  7. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    Bone spiders and shambles may some dungeon Skeletons too
  8. GatEkEEpEr57

    Your awesome. I would never think too build Slime starships in you and your teams game.

    Your awesome. I would never think too build Slime starships in you and your teams game.
  9. GatEkEEpEr57

    Well it's a trot before fame.

    Well it's a trot before fame.
  10. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Frost fort

    Frost fort is a dungeon defenders area. Small but packs a punch.
  11. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    This mini biome spawns any surface to underground and spawns skeletons faster with the occasional bone serpent.
  12. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC GK's Slimetown update

    Update Creation: Slime town has gotten bigger.
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