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Recent content by Golden duck

  1. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Veen Texture Pack

    I like the skeletron.
  2. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Skeletron Prime-X

  3. Golden duck

    Language Pack Better Tooltips

    This is incredible, I don't even know how you did this.
  4. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Blue Imps

    I was actually thinking of making a pack like this, good job!
  5. Golden duck

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Maybe, but it was just like I exited out of tmodloader and then the next day I opened it and went straight into the world.
  6. Golden duck

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    When I loaded my world, all my magic storage containers were gone.
  7. Golden duck

    are there any evil swaping texture packs?

    Good because I'm already half way done :)
  8. Golden duck

    are there any evil swaping texture packs?

    Are there any texture packs that completely switch the evils, like replacing all the crimson blocks, enemies, and bosses with corruption variants? I just don't want to make something that's already been done.
  9. Golden duck

    Texture Pack Weapons Reskin Texture Pack

    I'm a fan of the space duck machine gun, but the duck could do with a bit of gold...
  10. Golden duck

    Are there any texture pack discord servers?

    Are there any general terraria texture pack discord servers? .
  11. Golden duck

    Ask a Golden duck anything

    oh, dear. psyduck happened when my brother midas went on holiday to pallet town, we don't know the details but now there's a yellow duck running around that is kind of related to me.
  12. Golden duck

    Ask a Golden duck anything

    when golden ducks cover the ground it's more of a strut.
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