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  • Hey dude! Great mod, but I reccomend nerfing Druid staves, mostly the Sunshard Greatstave. It’s really OP right now.
    I am really impressed, how you do this mod almost alone. As a modder, I can understand that it is pretty hard.
    How much do you programming on C#? (amazing language, I really love it)
    Good mod, I would like to be inspired by certain parts for a story, I have sent you a Dm, good mod.
    Oh by the way.
    I really like how Slayer is, his battle, and his phrases.
    "Hey, I'm busy... Procrastinating."
    Hey I just saw myself in your mod. It is... strange...
    I'm guessing you mean the Prototype Silver enemy, since your profile pic looks like it.
    Well, it's just a coincidence; I put that enemy in my mod before I saw you.
    Maybe-maybe. Anyway, this Prototype Silver looks great ;D
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