I am a squirrel composed of an incredibly strong material that looks like light-blue gold. I am on Team Squirrel and Team Watermelon Star, I'm in the Blue Club, I use Critter Guide to Companionship, and I like building. I also like helping people!
🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️ ~ 🐿️

🏠 builds 🏠
💬 ask me anything 💬
📌 suggestions 📌
🛡️ Hero Forge creations 🛡️
🐱 Scratch account 🐱
👾 pixel art and sprites 👾
👑 my OCs 👑

-> Completed all achievements on both PC and Mobile (as of 1.4.4) without using Journey Mode to help me
-> Bested 1.4.4 Expert & Master Golem with pre-Mech armor (in normal progression)
-> Filled out the entire Bestiary
-> Obtained the Dirtiest Block
-> Heard the extra-rare funny duck sound
-> Defeated a Dungeon Guardian
-> Obatained Rod of Discord without an afk farm (albeit on CelebrationMk10)
-> Got profile post #444444 (in case the link doesn't work, here is the image)
-> Got 500 on "Count to the highest number before a staff member posts"
-> Made @Eye of Cthulhu🌳 into a catgirl twice


Boulders received: :boulder: 2
ice cream from @Russ Guss Doodles (I correctly named the colors of the rainbow)
gold squirrel from @Infirain (I'm taking care of it)
cookie from @A_Mazarians_Boat (I demonstrated my function graphing knowledge)
Red Chaos Emerald taken from @Doodles 🌳 by Knuckles (Doodles said Knuckles could keep it; at least for now)
birthday cake slice from @Esther (for my 16th birthday)
By me, HandsomeSquirrel. Taking quotes out of context is fun!
I only like some of my hats enough to throw them.
Pinkie Pie is incredibly disgruntled at your scurridious accusations. It was a changeling who had the arquebus! (WAIT I SAID TOO MUCH-)
Why does it hurt when I hit my hand with a hammer?
Me who eats ultraviolet radiation from the sun itself:
I microwaved the peanut butter for 11 seconds
Also, if I thought you were faking or lying, I wouldn't have gifted you the two severed human hands and the (non)-human eyeball; I applied them to your posts as needed, just as the instruction manual said!
I was doing a small dance for no reason; that may have participated in the divergence of my regular chronal perception.
Check your famosity meter
I have plenty of eyes in my basement.
I bet someone told him to touch grass, but when he did, they took his computer and threw it into an active volcano.
Granted, but you are also hugged by some of the wet geese.
When he found out his car used a speedometer, he sold it and bought a wild horse, for he did not want to have any affiliation with the metric system.
If you paint an orange green, and install a motor on it so it goes "put-put-put", does it become a putting green?
I shall defeat you by sending you negative money on Patreon.
Darn Darniel's laundry basket with his white vans.
🐶 Awoo feew an eviw presence watchin awoo grr ùwú
ADHD gang rise u- hey look, a squirrel!
W̵̧̧̨̘̯͚̜̳̦͈͉̗͑̂͝͝Ȩ̸̧̙̤͓̰̤͎̥̠̍͛̒̈́͌̉̿͐͗̑̾͊͘͜͠E̷͎͕̱̤̻̥̝̰̼̣̰͚̹̿̏̈́̈̑̽͋͝Ḑ̵̘͑̔̋̈̍̈́̇́̏̆̓͠ ̴̬̲̗̤͚̻̤̘̰̗̜̺͚̞̿̈̐̐͐̈́̈́̓͝Ë̶̫̠͔̲͚̬́̍͑̈̚͝Á̶̟͉͈̌Ţ̶͉͕͈̬͋̑͋͋̕͠E̷̝͙̪̜͂R̵̡͉̙͚̰͍̂̔
Opinions on bees with teeth?
What if there was an achievement called "No Moho" that you get by mining up all the blocks in the Mohorovicic layer on a world?
"It's Very Chile Outside": Everyone Claims To Be In This South American Country!
"Pfft, birds are soooo November 17th. I'm switching to modern tactics... medieval siege weapons!"
"Pikachu is a green J"
@Green_Metaknight🐿️ "I hate owls. It's course, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere."
@King Jameth III🌳 "Birth is a curse and existence is a prison."
@Raiden 雷電 "(we're beating up a child)"
@Green_Metaknight🐿️ "I'm about to watch a movie called "my eyelids." When I'm done it will be tomorrow."
@King Jameth III🌳 "British people when you say frozen plant based pepperoni pizza instead of subzero doughified grains topped with aged dairy and falsified meats roasted in a metal compartment having been heated up to an optimal temperature instructed on subzero doughified grains topped with aged dairy and falsified meats container, placed inside for an optimal amount of time, and then released from said compartment: :merchantmad:"
@Fluttershy [CiM] 🌳 "Wow so cutie marks are just puberty"
@Depressed Fr0g "Anyone wonder why its spelled Camouflage and not "
@Green_Metaknight🐿️📮 "I hope the Illuminati invade earth."
@Unit One "Jason Mendoza is a genius."
@Green_Metaknight🐿️📮 "uwu"
@Mecha_Twitchy "why does he need so many scorpions"
@Cenx "Guess you need to report me."
Education 2.0 Mod
a Stranger Things mod
a mod that adds more squirrel-themed content (because of course)
All aboard the Boulder Bus! The boulders on the bus go round and round...

(Yeah, I know it's a truck. So? Trucks are buses too! Well, this one is anyway.)
I support the addition of watermelon content and fallen star content to Terraria!
gourd might, leap sight, won't get a greenhouse boat

If I ever become a famous Youtuber who gets a custom vanity set, (not saying that I will, but if I somehow DO...) the statement above would likely be the tooltip for one of the pieces of the set.

(Team Squirrel trophy name idea: "Golden Squirrel")

In the future, I hope to become a game developer who makes educational games; when something is enjoyable, one is more likely to remember it.

Jesus died for your sins and rose to life on the third day so you could live an eternity in heaven! Spread the good news! (And remember that though your wrongdoings are forgiven, obedience and kindness are important for a functioning society and good relationships!)
Oct 2, 2007 (Age: 16)
123 Whatever Street, Canada City, Canada
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
Favorite Thread
Terraria, TCF, and being homeschooled.


🐿️ Join Team Squirrel, where we try our best to be nice to everyone! 🐿️
⚠️ The MLPocalype 2.0 has started! Spread the news! Change your profile picture, and/or banner, and/or part of your signature to something My Little Pony related! ⚠️
"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may show yourselves to be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

I am a squirrel made of an incredibly strong blue material similar in outward appearance to gold.
I founded team squirrel, and our goal is to be nice to other people! And also to promote the use of the Guide to Critter Companionship. 🐿️
To join, it is recommended that you add a squirrel emoji to your username. If you would not like to do this however, you may simply add something like "🐿️ I'm in Team Squirrel! 🐿️" to your About page or Signature. And I request that you give me a heads up so I know about it.

In general, this is what I use the "special" reactions for:
-> suspicious/confused, or for the memes
-> when I laugh hard at something funny
-> kinda in-between like and love, but it depends on the situation
-> dislike in general, "It's a trap!", or for the memes
-> "Terraria Seal of Approval"
-> "Chop That Nonsense" (sometimes used semi-humorously)

(Feel free to copy this spoiler over to your signature and fill it out with how you use them!)
(Change some text in your signature to the color #FFA500 to participate in the Brimstone Apocalypse! I have mine here.)

"You call this a multimedia event? This is a slide projector and a bedsheet!"
- Alfred from Veggietales

"Can you do that? Can you explode twice?"
- Spike from My Little Pony

"...I didn't know you could burn juice."
- Rarity from My Little Pony

"Does it sound like I'm ordering a pizza?"
- John McClane from Die Hard
Azumarill & Lopunny

If you're curious, here is the website: https://fusioncalc.com/
<OC thread>

Macey: #B099B8
Wolfy: #5EABED
Reginald: (tbd)

Maria: #B72400
Mobart: #6095B1
--> my suggestions <--

"Nancy, I would be personally insulted if you did not replace his guns with bananas."
- the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Featured Pokémon Fusion (not by me)


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