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  1. IcyRocket750

    Terraria 1.3.1 Now Available for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One!

    I'm happy for the updates on consoles ( Mostly on Xbox One ) because I only have the game on that platform :rolleyes:
  2. IcyRocket750

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    To be honest, this is really a great lore for a sandbox game, mostly for Terraria of course ! :D
  3. IcyRocket750

    Console Terraria Pre-Hardmode Console Guide

    This simple Terraria guide will help you on your first night, if you're new to the game When you enter in your new world, cut some trees to have at least 250 Wood If you find some stone, collect at least 30* of it. Also, harvest any ore vain that you see in your way If you encounter slimes...
  4. IcyRocket750

    New PS4 & Xbox One Patch Launching Tomorrow

    When I begin to play Terraria on the Xbox One with a friend, I notice that the progress of the map don't save when you exit an online world. Is it normal or is it a bug? If it is a bug, can you fix it please? It would be very nice! :)
  5. IcyRocket750

    4 Years on Terraria Forum!

    4 Years on Terraria Forum!
  6. IcyRocket750

    Official The Oasis!

    In my opinion, this mini-biome add a sort of new decoration to the desert, which the desert is normally empty and dusty. Good idea! The mini-biome represents an oasis, am I wrong?
  7. IcyRocket750

    Official Brand New Terraria T-Shirts, Hoodies, and More Available on Teespring and Amazon!

    These t-shirts look awesome! Nice work for the design! :happy:
  8. IcyRocket750

    New track for 1.3.6!

    This music makes me think of the music of the first place that players find it in an RPG type game. By the way, this music is very good! Keep up the great work!
  9. IcyRocket750

    Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

    The crafting menu look already amazing!:happy: Even if it's "Work in Progress" Keep going for the good work!
  10. IcyRocket750

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    It's really bad that the development of the game is canceled, I really wanted to play at least once in my life to it. But, during the years, I had a doubt that it was going to be canceled. R.I.P Terraria: Otherworld 2015-2018
  11. IcyRocket750

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    I will not lie; The Block Swap is going to be super convenient for home improvement in aesthetic therm.
  12. IcyRocket750

    Terraria Console Skins from Elite Gaming Gear Now Available!

    Wow! This is so cool! I wish I can get the Terraria Xbox One textured ! :D
  13. IcyRocket750

    One Drop Celestial Pillar Terrarian Yo-Yos

    These yo-yos look awesome! :D
  14. IcyRocket750

    CC Creation Compendium #57

    This fan art is pretty cool! :happy:
  15. IcyRocket750

    PC Happy Holidays! Terraria PC 50% off for Steam Winter Sale!

    Merry Christmas Everyone! And Happy New Year!
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