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Recent content by Igor CruZ

  1. Igor CruZ

    Mobile Rune Wizard Farm?

    I'm trying to get de Rune Wizard Banner on Mobile 1.4 and this is my approach: I just cleaned a large area around the player and made a platform that is 62 to 84 tiles away from the player, with a wall of teleporters to teleport all other creatures away, just like DicemanX teach on this farm...
  2. Igor CruZ

    Ideas for making my Plantera farm safer?

    I thinking to build a Plantera farm in 1.4 too, to get Dev sets, and all drops, but i wanna to make a fully automatic one, where don't need any player input. So can you talk more about your farm? Maybe a photo, to give me a north... so sad that slimy saddle invincibility machine was gone..
  3. Igor CruZ

    fallen log fairy spawning behavior

    I believe that only off the screen, in the standard spawn range, I ended up doing some tests now in the mobile version: There are two logs on my map, one near a village and the other isolated, in both I placed a water candle and a gnome statue near, however, in the second I made a "box" around...
  4. Igor CruZ

    Ocean Rework (& Some more stuff i guess?)

    I really liked the suggestions and I also wanted the sea snails to be more valued, hey, they are rare but they don’t even appear in the Lifeform Analyzer ... Maybe adding a rare drop, an accessory or weapon that can help in the beginning of the game, equivalent to the Slime Staff, with a little...
  5. Igor CruZ

    Beach Balls and Teal Pressure Plates

    Imagine a mini game where players are in a closed 'court', with a 'net' in the middle dividing the teams and with the floor filled with Teals Pressure Plats, and the team that drops the ball activates a 7 Segment Display to count points for the other team ... would be cool... :)
  6. Igor CruZ

    [Discussion] Sand Farm Concepts

    I will rebuild the farm, improving the design and making some adjustments, already thinking of a way to bring the dropped sand to the player, [maybe a hybrid Hoiks and Conveyor Belts], but that only when 1.4 comes out ... We are all looking forward to it! :D
  7. Igor CruZ

    [Discussion] Sand Farm Concepts

    Oh, I built an 'Antlion-Based Sand Farm' some time ago, I got the Antlions moved near the player and the unwanted creatures were killed, this farm can accumulate up to 12 Antlions throwing sand: PC - Automated Sand Factory - Useless Farm? [Unfortunately I lost the map;(]
  8. Igor CruZ

    PC Ultra Glowing Mushroom Farm (Just for Fun)

    I already built a farm of strange plants, a huge "tower" with several and several lines of stone and dirt, stretching from space to the underworld, the lines had actuators that were activated and deactivated by a timer, and the player stayed down to catch the loot, I cleaned an entire...
  9. Igor CruZ

    PC Automated Sand Factory - Useless Farm?

    In the first prototype I did in a desert biome, but I still needed at least 10 blocks in height on the spawn surface...
  10. Igor CruZ

    Is It Possible To Be Invulnerable To Moon Lord?

    like this? {This is a machine that dispenses hearts and stars evenly and keeps the player alive even against the MoonLord}
  11. Igor CruZ

    PC Ultra Glowing Mushroom Farm (Just for Fun)

    Since the Glowing Mushrooms can grow in the acted grass and are harvested instantly after growth (when they are above 0), this can make a farm fully AFK possible, but where can we get? This is a highly efficient mushroom farm, generating about 50,000 items per hour (counting on...
  12. Igor CruZ

    [Showcase] Truffle Worm Autofarm: 390 Worms/hr + 50 Plat/hr (Bonus: Best Way to Farm Dev Armor)

    I liked the "Duke Fishron farming". In the PS3 / Xbox versions, the mobs do not kill the Truffle Worms?
  13. Igor CruZ

    PC Automated Sand Factory - Useless Farm?

    I've been working on this for some time, I just decided to post because I did not see anything similar in the TCF :)
  14. Igor CruZ

    PC Automated Sand Factory - Useless Farm?

    After the well fill you can kill the Antlions before collecting the sand, because when you teleport down, they tend to disappear :^)
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