I'm the old man who suggested an Axe Chakram, inspiring Red to add the Axearang.

I play Terraria on Mobile, I have all the achievements as of 1.4.4, I've gotten all of the rare items in the game, and I beat the game A LOT of times, in many, MANY different ways.

I have 2 Scratch accounts.
My first Scratch account is LexaayKirby92.
My 2nd Scratch account is known as Green_Metaknight.

My Gigga io name is No u, and I'm SUPER GOOD AT 2DOM.
And once, I got to level 50 on Free For All without upgrading in any way!

And I'm also a certified Forum Wizard; I have completely mastered the art of URL editing.

Also, I managed to make it so there are 2 Supreme Spinners. (People who did post 360000 on TLPW)

Check my signature for more info.

unhappy Shadow Spear Carousel
113Melee damage
4Critical hit chance%
high speed
Hit crazy
Get motivated to increase your attack power
+5Low percentage
+15Percentage indentation
Applies buff to user: seriousness
seriousness: Press UP to change importance
Oct 15, 2009 (Age: 14)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
Tree or Axe?
Favorite Thread


Copy this into your signature if you believe that Jesus died for our sins and resurrected on the third day.

243281 somehow found the hidden message in my banner less than an hour after I hid it.

"Don't be dumb kids or u will become dum"
-some rando on roblox

"i was eating a fried kindergarten eraser"
-Eye of Cthulhu

"Any amount of one Terraria item is worth exactly the same as any amount of another Terraria item"
-Tunnel King

"you should go immediately to the Capitol building and tell them you are there to overthrow the government."
-Tunnel King

"Also, please note that anything I say is most likely weong. Thank you for your understanding. I am Heobine."

"Horrid. Terrible. Speechless. You sounded like an animal trapped inside a fire."
-Mean old Orchamut

"Time's up. Get ready to be arrested."

"You will never financially recover from this purchase"
-Grape Vendor

"Don't ask how I know where you live I am not a stalker"

"A sword is carved on the top. The more energy you use, the brighter you become. This is why evil people misuse this power."

"@Green_India🐿️📮 has wizard forum skills"


"oh nose! Dah scardy eyes!"
-Nike Leon

"I just now noticed my birth year is 2005 not 2008, do you think you can help me with that?"

"The ICBM is now seconds away from hitting Inigo Montoya."

"I'm gonna throw up"
-Waffletime, in response to Idea for a challenge playthrough

"Obligatory unfollow thank"

"install a virus lol"

"Brother, your heart will stop if you do not subscribe!!"

"I will become a hermit and live in the mountains"


"That already exists and it's a dead meme called 'sanic,'"

We do not control your rights.
We cannot stop your army.

After careful consideration
Even cats eat the internet.
We have the best
Information technology systems
It is used to control cats

every minute
long cycle
TV interviews are not a problem...

Why are cats the new weapon?

He answered:

Because I love cats

... are you seriously ill?

I read what you wrote
strange... strange
I forgot how bad my writing was.

This was my biggest mistake.
I don't know who to write to...
I remember my childhood
I want to be the first player

Now I want to become a millionaire and CEO.
Email service

I think
if you have money
You don't need love, do you?

But the answer is…
I have something to tell you.

"Battle Cat" is really good.

that in

"The police will help me eat food by shoving it in my mouth when I am asleep."

"Daniel Tiger is going to be fat."
-My sister

"it has come to my attention that my IQ is less than 0.06"

"How many more extremely situational memes do you have"

"get over here and commit another death"


"I'll put it under Spoiler in case you would not desire to know"

"Ghostbusters was the best thing I have seen all week lol and the movie is just a bunch more than the movie and the characters were so much more than what they had before it came on and the characters just had to make up their minds and they had a good story to it and I was so excited for the story but it wasn't a bad thing and it wasn't even a good thing to be a movie and it wasn't good for the plot but I just felt bad that I was watching the movies because it wasn't that good for the story I just felt so good at the end and it wasn't really that bad I was like I just wanted it to make sense."

"i love fortnite if i had a son i would sell him for vbucks"

"308183 309455"

"B complex vitamins are actually 12 different vitamins that are candy corn, which is why you must get them every day."
-Joe Biden

"Food texture additives can make food more artificial, such as gum cancer and allergy."
-Joe Biden

Nikola Smith (The Space between Time) [#33EE33]
World Blighter (Good Vs. Bad) [#205020]
Generic main bad guy (Single Thread RP - Generic Adventures of the Main Protagonists) [990000]
Spy Bird (Single Thread RP - Generic Adventures of the Main Protagonists) [#9999EE]
Mr. Needlemouse (Single Thread RP - Generic Adventures of the Main Protagonists) [#4444ff]
Clock Man (#CCCC00)
Conan Ironwound (#808080)
Hypothetical Man
Sunny Sun (He still hasn't been turned in to the feds)
I have a TON of RP characters in Broken Gotham, here's the link: Broken Gotham

This is a work in progress btw
KeyMember Number


I took a personality test and this is what it said:

This is what I use the "special" reactions for:
-> Suspicious / Amogus sus
-> Dying of laughter / Facepalm
-> Magical
-> Usually used on posts talking about boulders, but I've also used this to mean "I drop a boulder on this post, it makes me so mad."
-> N/A; I don't use this reaction.
-> I sometimes use this on posts talking about team Axe, but I also sometimes use it to say "I chop this post with an axe, it makes me so mad."


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