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Recent content by Jaund1ce_J3an

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  2. Jaund1ce_J3an

    Hello !!

    Heyya dude wazzup
  3. Jaund1ce_J3an

    Anyone wanna do a little build project?

    Just a genuine build project [REQUIREMENTS] Journey (fully Researched Character) Terraria on Steam (cuz idk how to do it without steam) Slurs and Cursing is not allowed (i don't want us fighting in-game just wanna make friends and build here) [WHAT ARE WE BUILDING?] This will sound weird and...
  4. Jaund1ce_J3an

    i wanna play with u

    sure dude whats your steam friend code?
  5. Jaund1ce_J3an

    What's the worst bug you have encountered?

    mine happened when i had low battery when i was building and mob spawns was high the mobs and npcs started floating offscreen and started losing gravity slimes and items were flying till it went to space for some reason and then i saved and exited but then the game decides to NOT save my...
  6. Jaund1ce_J3an

    Puzzle A Cancelled map project

    Dont give up man ik its hard to make a good adventure map (me be makin one aswell) just do it slowly but steady
  7. Jaund1ce_J3an

    PC Happy valentine's day!!!

    wow thats actually a decent build big 9/10
  8. Jaund1ce_J3an

    I'm new to Terraria, could anyone give me some decent stuff?

    sure dude imma cya sometime later
  9. Jaund1ce_J3an

    Echo Blocks

    That is a good idea and not only for preventing mob spawns but you can like use it the make walls look like the size of a block like for example: since wooden beams are counted as a block it kinda looks like brown painted ebonwood walls but we can't pair both of them because the ebonwood walls...
  10. Jaund1ce_J3an

    goodbye yrimir may we see you in dead gamer heaven (note: everyone knows hes not dead)

    goodbye yrimir may we see you in dead gamer heaven (note: everyone knows hes not dead)
  11. Jaund1ce_J3an

    hey chippy do u still play adventure maps?

    hey chippy do u still play adventure maps?
  12. Jaund1ce_J3an

    Hi!!! Im new in the forums

    Hi!!! Im new in the forums
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