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    Console Console Update Timing

    Thats fine with me but maybe every 3 weeks give us a heads up on the progress. I understand its hard work and delays happen but maybe give us a date (example every 20th of the month) so we know when to come back and check in to see the progress your making. Nothing to in depth just a quick heads...
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    Official Terrarian Community Feedback Portal

    Thanks for the ideas. Not trying to sound like a grumpy old man that's too good for forums "in my day we didn't have forums ,we had to walk up hill both ways to post something, and we posted it with stone and chisel " just between work, kids and gaming I don't have time to do much else. But I...
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    Mobile Mobile Exclusive Content For Possible 1.3 Future Update

    You said you finished off duke in a melee playthrough but another thing if you haven't tried it yet is playing a magic playthrough or a summoner only play through or a bow/repeater only playthrough and using only the armor that boosts those stats (early game you would have to use whatever armor...
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    Console What is the next big update

    How sweet would it be if they delayed it a month and then surprised us with 1.3 instead of the rest of 1.2.4????? I'd lose my s*** but I'll also be happy with a fully functioning 1.2.4. In the next week. I know this stuff ain't easy so I'm never mad about it being behind Pc but I do get a little...
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    Console Your newest building creations?

    How far down can you build a livable house? I'm getting better at making my bases look nice and tried almost all the different materials and I would love to build an underground base but wasn't sure what the cut off point is for npc's. Awesome builds everyone. I watch happy days on youtube and...
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    Official Terrarian Community Feedback Portal

    Only time I check the forums is to find out if ps3 is getting an update. I'm old so I don't have time to mess around in here so I was wondering if maybe 1-maybe every 3 weeks you could give us a heads up on update information (I know it takes a lot of hard work and time and understand fully but...
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    Building an Artificial Intelligence Machine inside Terraria

    INSANE!!!! how long did this take to figure out?
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    Cultist in console and mobile?

    Yeah I'm down with that and also I hope they add expert mode because I'm dying for a real challenge. One more thing is I totally understand it takes time and I understand that fully but I wish every couple of weeks they would throw us a bone and just say "hey were working on it and we're...
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    Casual Things you believed when you were very young

    When i was around 6 i wouldnt get dressed in front of the tv for fear they could see me???? Am i the only one???? Maybe i was 26????who could remember.
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    Console Terraria Console Bugs & Issues Status

    For ps3 i cant seem to pick up water with a bottle which really kills the potion aspect of the game
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