Apr 13, 2001 (Age: 21)
Messing around in a quirky Source game.
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TF2 Trolldier/Medic main, yoyo enthusiast, and shouty boi (secretly Elmo)


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"Hey, that's my platinum coin," I say to my merchant, Donny. He responds, saying "No you idiot, you payed me for that in 1.1.6969...for that...cursed turkey..." Later, on this wiki I found there currently is no "Merchant Voodoo Doll"...I sat in the dungeon...pondering of my solution. I met a Paladin King with a little wisp. He said to go to a hidden home, found deep within the underground. He said I may be surprised at who I may meet. Anyways, I found a place similar to...a...steampunk workshop. I knocked on the door, and waited. And to my surprise, I met a Chlorophyte hammer! Oh wait, it was attached to a cloaked figure. The person let me in, but for my Pwnhammer. I was immediately amazed when I got a good look at the room! All this art of...hammers, swords, armor, and one that seemed to be in progress...I knew I had found the person I had been searching for. I needed my platinum coin back...and Donny was still alive.
The cloaked person listened to my predicament, and he, hammer still in hand, led me to a place looking like a machine room. He said he would try his best to get all the money I needed. He said I had to go to a lab with a good friend of his. I asked what I needed, and he said he needed 1 Platnuim Ore, 1 Solidifier, and a Chest, Safe, or Piggy Bank. A month-and-a-half later, I had almost all the items necessary. The only thing left to find was a Solidifier from this lab.
After these few long months of searching for the lab the cloaked man mentioned, I decided to check in the jungle biome. I reached a dense part of the jungle, when suddenly, I hear some rustling above me. I look up, but I see nothing. 30 seconds later, I dodged a Magic Dagger aimed right for my prized possession, my Paladin's Hammer. I caught a glimpse of the knife thrower, and I was surprised to see a person, not a trap, standing there. The person had a Mythril Hood, Beetle armor. Grenades and Knives were attached to their belt. I saw under the hood some short blonde hair and a Blindfold dyed black.
Instantly understanding I was being chased by a master ninja, I ducked below a jungle bush. All of the sudden, everything starts to turn pitch black. I look up to see the Blood Moon covering the sun. I was in the middle of a solar eclipse. I heard a bush shake, and I was pulled into a small cave by the ninja cloaked in green. Avoiding a reaper that had been lurking around, I turned to give a thanks to the person, but I was thrown against a wall with a Magic Dagger to my neck. The ninja pulled off the cloak and revealed herself to be female. She indicated she wanted to know where I got my hammer. I stood upright and threw it at the dirt wall, causing a massive dent to form in the wall. Impressed, she held it for a while. She showed me what appeared to be a rusty hatchet. She turned turned to me and indicated she wanted me to follow he outside, and (wanting to not get pounded in the face), I did. She pointed towards a nearby swarm of mobs. She threw the hatchet upwards, but it curved and killed a Reaper. As the axe returned to the ninja, she glanced at me and pointed to my hammer. She wanted to trade her weapon for mine. I insisted to tell her where I got mine, and she allowed me to have her hatchet, saying she had more at home. For her act if kindness, I let her in on the "Paladin's Secret"...
She led me to what appeared to be a temple. She said, "Go through here and fight the temple guardian, Golem. There, you will find what you seek." With that, she started to depart for the dungeon. Before she left, she glanced at me and said, "Hey, maybe we can meet up later," and with that, she began her search for Samrux the Paladin. I realized I couldn't go alone, so I went back home. Finding my old Temple Key I was saving for a key mold, I headed back to the jungle. Easily defeating the Golem, I found the underground laboratory. Knocking, I heard some mechanisms from the other side. I saw a sliding hole with a pair or goggles behind it. "What's the password," said a voice behind the door. "Please?" "Nope!" "Hmm...Open-sesame?" "Not even close!" Almost giving up, I tried thinking of another word. "Uhhh..." "CORRECT!!! Come in!" I heard some more mechanics, and the vault like door opened...
Needs a name :p
Shadowflame Sword
Starbreaker Sword
Last Shard
True Hero's Sword
Lunar Sword
Luminite Sword
Blue Crest Rapier
Some sorta dark sword :p
Crystal Sword
Golden Keybrand
Tetra Blade
Guardian Greatsword
True Horseman's Blade
True Nightfury
Solar Blade
Vortex Phaser
Nebula Buster
Stardust Saber
True Ancient Tizona
Frozen Greatsword
Titan's Hammer
Terrarian (Phantasm Dragon)
Terrarian (Hallowed Mimic)
Archer Emblem
Caster Emblem
Swiftness Emblem


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