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Hmm? Oh hello! Wish to walk together?
Who am I you ask? And why do I look as if I ain’t from around here?
Why I’m a type a traveler called a wanderer.
I desire not much and just enjoy the scenery of my path.
But this path I speak of, it is not the one we walk upon now, no. It is a metaphor.
The path is our past and present, and is something that is being created in the near future.
Only as far as you can see is created, for the far future cannot be carefully laid down. What happens then is how you make of it, and how others make of you.

So as our paths drift off in separate direction do take this conversation and a warning I will now give you to memory,
“Do not forget the path child, for when it is forgotten, only darkness will consume”
Feb 9, 1998 (Age: 23)
a gravity defying orb that you WON’T STOP SHAKING!
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  1. Terraria: Mobile
  2. Terraria: Xbox One
Fun. (Also being stuck in the most weirdest of places...)


*Beyond the fog you see a group of survivors.
Come and sit by the campfire! I saved a seat for you.
The Nameless One Has a list, and all are on it. But those who she say are worthy are at the bottom of the list. Come! Join us to serve the Nameless One and bring all that is to an end.

btw, that Join us button up there is NOT a real URL, that’s just me being a jerk 😂
But that there button is... don’t believe me? Why would I pull the same prank twice?




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