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Recent content by JohnSmith13345

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    tModLoader Referencing Other Mod Tiles

    Is it too late to bump this?
  2. J

    tModLoader AlchemistNPC v9.0

    Apparently, this can happen Something can line up with a button in a way that causes the casket to register something on a vendor when you click holding the casket. Now I can only trade with the merchant. (bruh.png: holding click, note that the arrow holds the GUI by the merchant button)...
  3. J

    tModLoader WorldGen Previewer

    Sometimes, using the step button on "spreading grass" makes it get stuck on "Status: Pausing...". and never unpauses. Edit: The pause getting stuck seems to be unrelated to the generation step.
  4. J

    tModLoader Powerups - On-pickup buffs and item abilities

    Would the item entry for lul be "lul"? edit: it's CheatTestThing Setting it to exclude an item just removes all powerups. { "NPCLootPowerups": [ { "ItemDef": { "mod": "CalamityMod", "name": "CheatTestThing" }, "RemoveMeFromPool": true } ]...
  5. J

    tModLoader Powerups - On-pickup buffs and item abilities

    How do you blacklist a given powerup? (specifically "Lul" from Calamity)
  6. J

    tModLoader Eternity Mod - Made By Vaema

    Is there any update on development progress?
  7. J

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    tML is suddenly saying that some of my installed mods were built for tModLoader versions above v0.11.7.2 (the ones that say "Make sure terraria v1.4.x.x installed [sic]" on their GitHub releases.) Will those tML versions work on (probably a dumb question) Will the mods that aren't...
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