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Recent content by Juno Brier

  1. Juno Brier

    What is your favorite sword ? And why ? (CORRECT)

    I'm going to be honest here. It's not Meowmere, or Star Wrath, or any of the previously-strongest swords. It's the Slap Hand. It's ridiculously amusing how far its absurd knockback sends things flying.
  2. Juno Brier

    Favorite event, boss, weapon, enemy and NPC? Tell us here!

    Favorite boss: Duke Fishron. Favorite event: Good ol' Blood Moon. Favorite regular enemy: Toxic Sludge, of course! :joy: (And maybe also Harpies.) Favorite NPC: The Stylist. Favorite Weapons: Solar Eruption, Last Prism, Phantasm. They really did save the most fun ones for last. Favorite Biome...
  3. Juno Brier

    PC What is your favorite event, and why?

    Just the Blood Moon. Not quite as annoying as a Solar Eclipse when you're trying to build stuff on the surface.
  4. Juno Brier

    PC Is expert mode a mountain to climb, or a medal to wear?

    Expert single player is a masochistic experience.
  5. Juno Brier

    PC It's not funny anymore, Great Design is overpowered.

    Yes, it's overpowered. But then again, you have to deliberately build one, so not using one is as simple as not making one. Of course for those builders who just want to get wiring done quick and easy, it's a blessed gift from their benevolent deity of choice.
  6. Juno Brier

    What to do after Moonlord: What have you done?

    Building is always fine for your old world. Let your creativity flow freely! (if possible) As for class-specific playthroughs, being a dedicated Mage requires learning how to manage your mana if you want to be effective (hint: Mana pickups are your friend, Mana Potions are not), so I'd say it...
  7. Juno Brier

    Better reward for killing Moon Lord (expert)

    Here's how I look at it: You just beat THE hardest boss in the game. Do you really need more power? And besides, he already drops plenty of goodies without the Expert drops.
  8. Juno Brier

    How does banner damage reduction work?

    Notice how the Expert version still does more damage even with all that damage reduction.
  9. Juno Brier

    Member-Run Project Post your biome Ideas here! Making a customized world!

    I think I'll go with a simple natural biome. Not exactly creative, but when has imitating nature ever been creative? Name: Snowy Forest Category: Cold Description: A forest of pine or spruce trees, covered in a thin layer of snow. Structures: Not much beyond what you'd expect from a standard...
  10. Juno Brier

    Discussion: You as an NPC

    Well, I have four characters I keep active, so I think I'll choose the one most suited to NPC status. Juno, the Librarian (based on my Summoner character) Considering that NPCs can have multiple different names, I'll pitch this as a list of some possible names. There is absolutely no pattern to...
  11. Juno Brier

    PC Melee weapons

    Ever notice how starting with 1.1 some of the more powerful Melee weapons had projectiles? And how this trend became more pronounced starting with 1.2? I've worked out a reason as to why this might be so. See, back in the olden days where Skeletron was the hardest boss, it was generally pretty...
  12. Juno Brier

    Celestial Shell Or Ankh Shield?

    Depends on which one you think is easier to craft. Just for comparison: Ankh Shield: 11 total ingredients (9 random drops, one crafted, one found in a chest), able to be completed in Hardmode before Mechanical bosses. Celestial Shell: 4 total ingredients (all random drops), able to be...
  13. Juno Brier

    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    That, or it could be based on what color you want your ice to be, since it's exceedingly likely for one of the contagious biomes to spawn through the ice zone.
  14. Juno Brier

    Why weren't Luminite Drills, Chainsaws and Hammers fully implemented?

    Redundancy can't really be the reason, considering that all four flavors of Luminite tools have identical stats. They could've easily simply made a "Luminite Pickaxe" and "Luminite Hamaxe" and called it a day, but they instead made four sets, one for each pillar (and no fifth set for just...
  15. Juno Brier

    PC What is your favorite item? (Expert Mode Only)

    Definitely the Shiny Stone. That thing refills your health pretty damn fast.
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