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    I HAVE ARRIVED!!... Hi

    Thank you! I'll sure give those a try soon enough! Mainly the builds one.. I really should explore more. And I don't see any reason I wouldn't want a dragon!
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    Things you always do before entering hardmode?

    -Make a bunch of sky-boxes at one edge of the map to hold every npc so I don't have to expand town soon -Fish a :red:load of boxes so i don't have to mine much if I'm lucky -Sacrifice the guide thrice just for fun. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
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    Stupidest things you did in terraria

    Wasting about 20 hours building random stuff instead of actually making progress and getting beter gear. I can still hear my friend's angry comments telling me to sTOP BUILDING A FREAKING METRO STATION
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    Mech Brain of Cthulhu

    I think that would be fun and all, but how should it even work? At least for me, the BoC ends up being a pretty boring fight after a bit.
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    I HAVE ARRIVED!!... Hi

    Hey! My name is Kass and I have absolutelly no idea as to what Im doing in the forums and what to do! Just know I like doing pixel art and building stuff. Also.. I'd be quite thankfull if someone gave me some directions around as of what to do here.. ft. a lil town i built.
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    Your Main Headcanons

    The crystal to summon the OOA is actually radioactive and it makes the player hallucinate all of the event.
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    Story creation time!

    ...he found a cave and entered it, after a short walk (or fall) inside the cave, he had found a normal chest, and inside it he saw...
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    What's the one Feature you would like to see in Terraria that is too Ambitious to be Implemented?

    Something that makes cleansing the world from corruption/crimson worth it. Seriously, you do all that work for what,even? Maybe they should set up a reward system like the angler for each X% or so of the world you clean.
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    Terraria State of the Game - June 2019

    God I cannot wait for new blocks! So many ideas of what to build...
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