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I'm a massive fan of All things that is Terraria.:dryadgrin: I've played it for almost its 5 years since its original release date in 2011 and I have watched it progress over the years and have fallen in love with it completely. It is easily my favorite game of all time that I have played (and I have played ALOT...:dryadnaughty:) But seriously< if someone asks me what game they should try out, the first thing I will suggest is Terraria, if they say they don't like it I will no longer talk to them.:dryadtongue:

Any other details about me is that I love Music (Heavy metal in particular, but also Dubstep and pretty much anything else):dryadcool:

I love having debates on subjects that are difficult to argue about various aspects in any game (so long as the argument is logical) and look forward to my time as a member of Terraria Community Forums...:dryadsmile:
Feb 25, 1998 (Age: 23)
Knysna, South Africa
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Stock Manager at Belvidere Manor


Nice house you have there...
Wouldn't it be a shame if someone were to,
Blow it up.....?



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