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  1. Keyzor

    Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

    All submissions were amazing, and I’m so proud of the winners!
  2. Keyzor

    It comes faster the fewer people ask and complain. 👍

    It comes faster the fewer people ask and complain. 👍
  3. Keyzor

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    Cosmic Set - Head In Inventory - Breastplate in Inventory -Leggings in Inventory - Visible when equipped - Gif Broken Down ( 1 image ) - Side by Side Items - Side by Side Gif Pieces ( 4 images )
  4. Keyzor

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    Very much no. It is a mod.
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  6. Keyzor

    PC Keyzor's Builds

    I'm starting a giant village in my world but I'm not an experienced builder. This is the first build I've spent 30+ minutes on.
  7. Keyzor

    Local Tavern https://imgur.com/gallery/2st1Z34 - I apologize for being really slow

    Local Tavern https://imgur.com/gallery/2st1Z34 - I apologize for being really slow
  8. Keyzor

    Drawings & Paintings Supreme Calamitas Drawing

    I've been playing Calamity and I love it! Definitely can say that Providence the Goddess' theme is my favorite and Supreme Calamitas is my favorite boss fight. The Soma Prime hooked with an endless amount of bullets is honestly hell for Terminus.
  9. Keyzor

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    There's probably already a comment like this but does it only swap blocks mined/able to mine (in the current time) or ALL blocks? I could see myself using dirt to swap out hellstone early in the game...
  10. Keyzor

    25 Million Copies Sold & 1.3.6 Spoilers!

    What? How
  11. Keyzor

    PC Hope the Dryad Enjoys her Temporary Stay

    I'm currently working on a Dynasty/Chinese Creation for the Dryad and she needed a temporary home for the time waiting, so, here it is. A simple jungle shed that I created that after the Dryad's moved out, the Witch Doctor can take it over?
  12. Keyzor

    Great buildings(and else)

    A building that I made because the NPCs were moving into houses the second would make a temporary-shelter - sᴛᴜᴘɪᴅ ɴᴘᴄs
  13. Keyzor

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    I'm so happy that it keeps wedged blocks aswell. Wonder if it works with liquids
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