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  • When you actually want to play modded Terarria for once but the Mod browser's down, and has been down for quite a while:

    [Insert overused 'I am sad' reaction image here]
    To Game Freak: A Drill Dozer sequel would still be nice, you know. jerks
    March 2021, and I still stand by what I said.
    Link's a new character (or rather, a functional costume for Super Mario Maker 2! ...just though I'd let you know that.
    Tonight's the night I finally attempt playing some of these old games that I haven't even touched for years, especially Scribblenauts Unmasked, a game I never even once played despite having it right on my Steam Client, ready to install and go.
    Decemberween season's about to arrive, and what better way to ring if the wintry season that to update the avatar?
    The Bad News: I had to remind myself of Half-Quake again.
    The Good News: With enough """"lucky drops"""", I was finally able to beat the Moon lord using both Revengance and Maso mode!
    Man, Maso Mode and Revengance is a really stupid idea. But y'know, can't be free until Moon Lord.
    tModLoader's currently offline right now. It's a considerable, but understandable annoyance.
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