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  1. Korin

    PC Five Nights at Freddy's discussion thread

    $10 says there'll be another game in a few months.
  2. Korin

    Goku Vs Superman (Yes, we're having this thread.)

    Did no one read the link I provided?
  3. Korin

    Game runs in "Slow motion" or low fps?

    Sooo... What was added this update that completely annihilates my FPS? Update before this ran smoove as silk unless there was just a ridiculous amount of stuff on screen. Now I can't run the game on anything but 800x600 windowed mode. Which gives you absolutely no room to work with.
  4. Korin

    Console No Man's Sky....a failure?

    Starbound: 3D
  5. Korin

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    I'm trying to sell all my pokeman cards.
  6. Korin

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    Since when did Nuzlocke disallow the use of pokemon centers?
  7. Korin

    Casual Pet Peeves

    When developers can't take constructive criticism and just shut down any sort of discussion on a particular suggestion. Or outright ban you for having the nerve to think that their perfect game is anything but perfect.
  8. Korin

    Casual Pet Peeves

    Bolded for replies. Also, when something is objectively mediocre, but the fans of said mediocrity exclaim and laud it as some second coming of the video game messiah. Looking at you, Undertale folks.
  9. Korin

    Casual Pet Peeves

    People that think genital mutilation doesn't count unless it's happening to women/girls.
  10. Korin

    You raaaaaaang?

    You raaaaaaang?
  11. Korin

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    When is Pokemon GO supposed to release?
  12. Korin

    Handheld Fantasy Life

    I need to start playing this again.
  13. Korin

    Space Engineers: Now With Planets!

    Starbound had a lot of publicity from tubers as well, loads of great reviews and such. But the game is in its almost 3rd year of early access now and it's still an unfinished mess. People can and will lie to make money, that's what I'm getting at.
  14. Korin

    Big Number Syndrome (Rant) (J-RPGs)

    It's like you're trying to make some vague point but you just ramble off on a weird tangent. Flashier games do not necessarily equate to kiddie-fodder, nor do people whom enjoy those flashier games with big numbers somehow a child. Again, there are plenty of games that have a coherent and...
  15. Korin

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld Development is On Fire!

    My statement was based off what you said. I did not misunderstand anything. "...Slim down on the different types of weaponry." <<< This is you. Slimming down the types of weaponry is culling variety. Next time you have an idea, how about you finish your thought before typing something out in a...
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