• Journey's End on PC - Find info here and here. Please report bugs and issues for PC 1.4 and 1.4.1 to Re-Logic here.
  • Journey's End on Mobile - Find info here. Report bugs for Mobile 1.4 to DR Studios at this link and give as much detail as possible.
  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
  • Console and Switch - The latest news can be found here. To report a bug, please use this link.
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  • On another note, my friend and I accidentally duped my entire world over XBL, only snag is that his main got overwritten.
    Sorry for basically disappearing after posting my GT on here, my wrists have always been weak and I’ve had to slow down my gaming immensely.
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