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Just ya average card goblin
A lone cabin in the woods, playing a card game
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  1. Terraria: Nintendo Switch


“In El-harím, there lived a man, a man with yellow eyes. To me, he said, "Beware the whispers, for they whisper lies. Do not wrestle with the demons of the dark, Else upon your mind they'll place a mark; Do not listen to the shadows of the deep, Else they haunt you even when you sleep.”

"Drink lotsa milk kids! Milk makes your bones strong, and if their not strong enough I will break them."

“Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it."

"Don't break someone's heart, they only have one! Break their bones instead, they have 206."

"If our lives are but sparks in the eyes of Gods, let’s try to blind them at least once."


You shall henceforth be called by me the Unyielding.


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