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I may take a while to look at a thing and I can be helpful to people
Apr 23, 2004 (Age: 17)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


:kingslime:yo what's up:kingslime:

lich king: former ruler of the lichs and black slime| actually is a black slime| can transform into anything| class: anything he can find but mostly mage

music knight: runs around the lich kingdom playing his saxophone| wears a ugly sweater over his armor| lich king thoughts: so and so| class: bard
clash of kingdoms(cancelled)
Rise of Armageddon(cancelled)
the forgotten lores: tModLoader - LIchs content mod
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shovel knight
just shapes and beats
"if you think back and you cringe at a old memory,.... that means your maturing... i should know i have alot of those"
"i love when mods make an upgrade for items, even if it is a vanilla item... it makes some items not just a once and done thing"(gameraiders101)
"hmmm you think I'm a skeleton?. nooo I'm a slime dude"
"don't light me on fire ya here me"
"hmm? how do slimes die? we don't actually die....."
"I heard people say that slime taste good, idk why though"
"Whos Popularmmos?"
"Whos Jen?"
"wanna fight, i may be a more tougher fight than some other npcs"
"Do I like the [name of dryad]?, no I actually don't"(if the dryad is present)
"wanna buy something or just talk?"
"hmm what have I killed before, many evil forces and dangers, though I could not kill that witch called calamities......"



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