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  1. LoM2

    Post-Hardmode: Take over the Moon!

    When there's nothing to criticize... Okay, enough of the formulaic parrying. The suggestion forums really isn't a place for 'outlines' if you're not planning to fill it in- nobody cares if your idea isn't completely fleshed out but if it's literally just a concept with maybe bits and pieces...
  2. LoM2

    Post-Hardmode: Take over the Moon!

    When your introduction is longer than the actual suggestion, that's when you know you haven't even come close to adding enough details.
  3. LoM2

    Terraria's Bosses Like To Break Rules

    ... No it's not. If we assume 'don't succeed' is equivalent to 'fail to win before time runs out' and not... you know, 'dying', to which being killed is inherent, then a total of two bosses do so (Skeletron/Skeletron Prime). Confused really isn't at all the same as frustrated, and technically...
  4. LoM2

    Terraria's Bosses Like To Break Rules

    The guide may need to be optimized- either way, he's still there and it'd be foolish not to make use of him. I don't actually care about the tooltips enough to argue this though. On the failure thing- all of my earlier arguments still stand. Death in Terraria right now is still so arbitrary...
  5. LoM2

    More Boomarangs

    Broadswords are the base type of melee weapon and therefore there are far more than anybody needs. (Seriously, I just use a wooden one until I find something better.) Plus, just because there are examples of poor game design doesn't mean it makes sense to add more. And as long as we're using...
  6. LoM2

    Sprites The Desert Crawler

    Not to mention that A) a material that creates only one thing is poor design and B) a spider minion for the same tier as... the set that includes the spider minion doesn't make sense either mechanically or thematically. If one does more damage than the other then the worse weapon will instantly...
  7. LoM2

    Terraria's Bosses Like To Break Rules

    On problem 1: Guide already has that covered. "If you combine lenses at a demon altar, you might be able to find a way to summon a powerful monster. You will want to wait until night before using it, though." "You can create [worm bait/a bloody spine] with [rotten chunks and vile...
  8. LoM2

    More Boomarangs

    Yes, we need more boomerangs. But not like this. We don't need a boomerang at every possible tier- nobody's going to use most of them. Boomerang progression is already quite nicely built in pre-HM, and we don't need anything added there. Early HM is a bit spotty but there is basically always a...
  9. LoM2

    PC Post Moon Lord Boss Ideas (not mechanical Plantera/WoF/Golem/King Slime)

    Okay, I think if the devs say 'No more post moonlord bosses', replying "it's not a post-moonlord boss, it's 'content after the final boss' (that just happens to be a boss)" doesn't change anything. Okay, sure, but it's a sandbox. Go build something- building is basically forever. Make something...
  10. LoM2

    Granite Armor`

    It would be really, really easy to abuse this in Multiplayer boss battles. Just have one guy sit in invincible mode while everyone else takes cracks at the boss- if you die the one guy is still alive so the boss never runs away. Otherwise this is pretty much useless assuming you can't heal...
  11. LoM2

    New Item: Kendama

    A merchant in HM selling an object you can make with items that would sell for a total of 304 copper? Almost instantly? Anyway, this is fundamentally a really cheap infinite potion because no one would use a 12 damage yoyo outside of very, very early pre-HM and I don't think anyone could screw...
  12. LoM2

    Item Idea: Ultra Sword!

    No. I really can't be bothered to find and quote word-for-word my analogy on teaching kids to cook, but you can't just take things you like and fuse them together. There has not been a single decent suggestion that involves fusing together multiple end-game weapons.
  13. LoM2

    A server host, to an extent. Suggestion:

    Terraria Multiplayer was never built for large-scale servers. Hell, a single large Terraria world can barely support more than six people easily(resource-wise, in terms of a normal playthrough) (and that becomes even harder in endgame when the location of resources becomes concentrated in...
  14. LoM2

    PC Customize your Weapons

    I wouldn't be against just dying weapons, but the problem with actually reskinning them is that weapon contact is still based on hitbox- giving them different skins only has a few ways it could go. A) Keep size of new skin- just results in optimal players fusing their swords with the Breaker...
  15. LoM2

    New Summoning Weapon : The Hungry Staff

    Or one of you has a new item and you guys have to kill the WoF thirty more times because that one item just won't drop. Anyway, I'm going to say thematically- no. All the weapon drops from the WoF are steampunk-themed, adding a flesh weapon doesn't make sense. I wouldn't be against a WoF...
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