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Recent content by Lord Washington

  1. Lord Washington

    probably building stuff

    probably building stuff
  2. Lord Washington

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    Texture packs looking very Terraria: Otherworld-y. Looking forward to seeing what the community cooks up with the Steam Workshop!
  3. Lord Washington

    Got a cool vanity character? See it used in the State of the Game Banner!

    Oh, man it's on! btw if I don't include a dye next to an item then I didn't use one for that slot! Entry 1 Female Skin Color: Lighter than Default Eye Color: Red Hairstyle: 72 -Armor Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet (Bright Purple dye) Lenfours' Excessive Style Lenfours' Fancypants -Accessories...
  4. Lord Washington

    Three solar eclipses are certainly worth a Pirate Invasion.

    Three solar eclipses are certainly worth a Pirate Invasion.
  5. Lord Washington

    Random Quality of Life Changes

    there are just some things that need should be in the game and are not for... some reason... I think these should be added. They aren’t anything major, which is why I am calling it quality of life, but regardless I feel these changes would make our terrarian lives just that much easier 1. At...
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