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Recent content by Marshy

  1. Marshy

    PC selling moon lord and betsy treasure bags and cellphones

    I can give you a corruption key for a cellphone. My steam name is Marshy if you're interested!
  2. Marshy

    PC Selling Moon Lord Bags

    Mine is Marshy
  3. Marshy

    PC In need of a cellphone

    I'll take whatever I can get, I can tip in some platinum too, sorry I took so long to reply
  4. Marshy

    PC Looking for a Lucky coin

    Thanks, but I actually got one shortly, thank you for offering though! Also, is there a way to delete a post or deactivate it?
  5. Marshy

    PC In need of a cellphone

    After an accident leading to the deletion of my cellphone I am left without one, I have platinum, a coin gun, anything, really, ask and I'll get it, I need a cellphone. Steam name is Marshy
  6. Marshy

    PC Looking for a Lucky coin

    I've been trying to get one for ages now and at this point I'm willing to trade, I can give you a coin gun, platinum, most mounts, you name it, I'll try and get it. Steam name is Marshy
  7. Marshy

    PC TerraShop

    I'd like to buy 33 ectoplasm, just tell me how much and I'll be willing to pay! Steam name is Marshy
  8. Marshy

    PC Looking for pets/mounts

    Hello! As the title suggest, I would like to buy some pets and mounts, if you have a pet or mount you want to sell, tell me the item and what you want for it, and I'll see what I can do!
  9. Marshy

    PC Selling Moon Lord Bags

    I've got a coin gun, I'll give it to ya for a Moon Lord bag!
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