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Recent content by Masterfull_

  1. Masterfull_

    Critter Ideas!

    Would love to see aligator in swarm
  2. Masterfull_

    Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

    Nerf slime please
  3. Masterfull_

    Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

    I heard it was 29 june. Maybe
  4. Masterfull_

    Pixel Art Masterfull 'newbie' Pixel art

    I will do any pixel art for my free time. Maybe take some time.. Go on and request :)
  5. Masterfull_

    Hi i'm DovahMere

    Welcome to TCF
  6. Masterfull_

    I am new to these forums! :D

    Welcome to TCF
  7. Masterfull_

    That one sweaty Terrarian...

    Welcome to TCF!
  8. Masterfull_

    Hey there!

  9. Masterfull_

    stuff or ur feeling

    stuff or ur feeling
  10. Masterfull_

    aw..too kawaii 4 me

    aw..too kawaii 4 me
  11. Masterfull_

    Forget the past

    Forget the past
  12. Masterfull_

    Mobile Terraria Fixes

    omg.. pls give us the new ui redesign
  13. Masterfull_

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    k.. thankyou :(
  14. Masterfull_

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    can i get the patch for terraria
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