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Recent content by md9000

  1. md9000

    [Request] Castle Crashers Texture - Resprite for 1.4

    Hi everyone, I love this amazing castle crashers armor from old time (1.3), but it fails to work in 1.4 except the helmet and boot. The sprites is not created by me. Sorry that I cant find the original link from author. I know the new update combine the body and arm texture into one sheet...
  2. md9000

    Transparency issue of Baby Slime

    Thank you, I never thought there was the coding issue. I think I should try to stay with my transparent baby slime
  3. md9000

    Transparency issue of Baby Slime

    I love the Baby Slime in game, but I really hate her dummy, silly smiley face and her invisible transparent body. The first 2 things I am able to make it myself, but the transparency problem really trouble me. Could anyone offer help to make its color to be more solid like the other slime in...
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