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  1. MiloApianCat099

    Calamity mod x Fargo's Mod (help)

    I am doing a Calmity x Fargo's mod play though. The eye of cthuhlu spawned one night but it was invisible and its map icon was the dark mage from the DD2 crossover the 2nd stage was Oger from DD2 both times the eye was invisible. The tiny eyes that Cthuhlu spawned were tiny clouds please tell me...
  2. MiloApianCat099

    Mobile For The Worthy Freezes world generation on: Adding Mushroom Patch

    When loading the seed: For The Worthy With the settings: large, master, crimson (These are the settings I have tried I’m pretty sure this happens with any) When loading that seed world generation stops when it reaches: Adding Mushroom Patches. And renders for the worry impossible to play
  3. MiloApianCat099

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    What is something that wasnt added to your game that you wish was? Also what did u use to make the pixel art? And what is your favorite Easter egg? Also why wasn’t the first fractal added?
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