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Recent content by MrDelta

  1. MrDelta

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    Aah, that seems logical. Thanks for replying so fast!
  2. MrDelta

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I absolutely love the mod, but I think I've found a bug. When fighting Coznix, after killing him in normal mode i get the message: "Coznix enrages... The void hungers!" which should only happen in expert mode, and my world is in normal mode. He does not drop any loot whatsoever. I tried in...
  3. MrDelta

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Yeah, Dungeons are weird...
  4. MrDelta

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Excuse me for my noobness, but how do you update tModloader?
  5. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    Truffle Worms could be done, but it's going to be hard, since I don't really have a farm for them. I can do 10 of them and the Cosmic Car Key for the 2 sets.
  6. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    Of course I can hook you up with a Cosmic Car Key. And I still need the Cenx Dress set, so that would be nice. But are you sure that a Cosmic Car Key is enough for 2 Dev sets?
  7. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    I'm definitly interested in the Red set, but I'm not sure about the Cenx set. I already got one, but there are two. So could you explain what Cenx set you have. And for the price, i got the Lazure set to offer. And if that isn't enough, I can give you litterally anything from the Pumpkin Moon...
  8. MrDelta

    PC Spagett's Spooky Shoppe

    What are you asking for Jim's, D-Town's and Red's clothes? I can probably provide everything on your list of things you want.
  9. MrDelta

    PS Vita I will trade almost everything

    Do you have Dev Sets?
  10. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    Sent the request. Now i'm waiting... ;) (btw, sorry for taking so long. Had internet problems...)
  11. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    Well. I have 30 Lizhard Power Cells. So, i'm ready for the trade. Just send me your Steam ID, and we can trade :happy:
  12. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    I don't have 30 Lizhard Power Cells Right now, i'll start my farm and will come back once i have 30.
  13. MrDelta

    PC MrDelta's Developer Set Shop

    MrDelta's Developer Set Shop A Trading Place for Developer Sets Okay. So here's the point: I'm a collector. So, i decided to farm all the Developer Sets... Yeah, i'm strange... But, i got a little problem. Actually, a big problem. I got a duplicate. Not that great. So, i wanted to trade that...
  14. MrDelta

    [Sprites] Lead Balloon

    Like the idea, but if you fall quicker, wont that increase your falling damage? Like falling with the stoned debuff or falling with a portal gun. Like the idea, but it seems like a lot of deaths are going to happen if people wear this thing.
  15. MrDelta

    PC Mirage Displays

    Jup. Great idea. Purely aesthetic and just really nice to have the snow background in hell. Or is that just me?
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