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Recent content by MrToni250

  1. MrToni250

    Is Terraria your favorite game?

    Yeah it's still on the list, because i started playing bunch of mobile games now, and these are. 10: Starbound (because i was playing it less now) 9: Crusaders of the lost Idols 8: Farmville 2 Country Escape 7: C & C 3 Kane's Wrath 6: Stardew Valley (pc and mobile) 5: Epic Conquest (single...
  2. MrToni250

    Random Chitchat Thread

    It's must be twitch subscribers only, sorry BlueBullet :/
  3. MrToni250

    Random Chitchat Thread

    And what about Monster Super League then :rolleyes:
  4. MrToni250

    PC Tenthy's Creations

    Well that would be great idea, hey Tenthy, would you make that :3
  5. MrToni250

    Drawings & Paintings ppower arts

    Well Bowser was your favourite Steefy, but i totally like Dr Eggman from Sonic Boom. :)
  6. MrToni250

    Random Chitchat Thread

    I never argued about exams. :indifferent:
  7. MrToni250

    OddGirl's Builds

    Well that must be so great house, what i ever seen. :happy:
  8. MrToni250

    Drawings & Paintings Milt69466's Fan art and stuff

    Punchy was testing mob, what you can test every weapon, but lava would could kill it. :indifferent:
  9. MrToni250

    Drawings & Paintings Milt69466's Fan art and stuff

    But why it's not punchy from Starbound.
  10. MrToni250

    Casual The People of TCF

    Well of course you did take a picture, from your tablet, buuut my own tablet is better. :)
  11. MrToni250

    Drawings & Paintings Milt69466's Fan art and stuff

    That's so glorious looking, I totally liked it. :happy:
  12. MrToni250

    PC The Stardew Valley Thread!

    But hilltop has worst to farm plants, because i wouldn't recomend to choose.
  13. MrToni250

    PC The Stardew Valley Thread!

    And good side of forest, because you can gather these berries, mushrooms, and even you can pick up way too hard to get fern, very early on first summer. :)
  14. MrToni250

    PC The Stardew Valley Thread!

    Well that must been quick update, because i did update my most favourite game Starbound too, and Terraria as well. :)
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