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    Anytime MetaKnight!

    Anytime MetaKnight!
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    zoomquilt.org LOVE IT OMG!!

    zoomquilt.org LOVE IT OMG!!
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    ...This is now my home page...

    ...This is now my home page...
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    Lol, yeah but I did it.. unconsiously? it was wierd like i knew i was doing it but i couldn't...

    Lol, yeah but I did it.. unconsiously? it was wierd like i knew i was doing it but i couldn't stop myself.
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    I am now attracted to girls with short hair.

    I am now attracted to girls with short hair.
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    Everlong, FooFighters....

    Everlong, FooFighters....
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    Sad forever :(

    Sad forever :(
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    NOOOOOOOOOOO, I deleted a song!

    NOOOOOOOOOOO, I deleted a song!
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    Official A Short Time From Now...in a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

    Omg This is absolutly Beautiful!!;( This new addition would make me explore hell more cuz it looks inviting!:happy: It makes it look more explorable even tho theres only two directions!:p LOVE that Art btw!!
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    darthmorf's banner workshop

    YAHHS!! Thx darth! I love it!
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    PC How to Guard Your House

    Hey if its messed up you can still take a screen shot with windows (assuming you do) you can press the "Print Scrn/SysRq" button to do just that, it takes a picture of your whole computer. REMEMBER to exit out of fullscreen on any game if you are though. :happy:
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    Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    I love this sugestion, I would love to come across this while playing terraria... it makes it seem more adventurous!! Great Sprites BTW!!!!
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    Things you always do before entering hardmode?

    I have a plan everytime I make a new world and take the time to: 1. Make a Hellevator, and a Obsidian gen 2. Make a Asphalt Track underground 3. ^ Ultimately split the world into 4 ^ 4. Then I purge all Crimson/Corruption and Hallow on the surface, and 5. Create a themed Base in all the Biomes...
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    How much dirt do you have?

    I allways keep a full stack on me (I don't know why) and about 4 stacks in one of my chest, and if I get anymore than that I take two stacks out and delete them, i got a whole system going with mud and stone too.
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    Name 1 habit that you simply cant shake in Terraria.

    After makeing my Medium sized world hardmode I allways crate another small one as a 'trash' world or 'raid' world as I call it, but at the begining I go to find the Dungeon and see how far i can get down while being chased by the skeletron heads... :cool: And I allways get half way down!
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