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Recent content by OnyxShadow

  1. OnyxShadow

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    This is one of my favorite mods in Terraria! The only significant issue is that I keep needing to close and reopen crafting to add or remove items from storage. If there was a part of the crafting interface with storage access it would save so much frustration switching between things.
  2. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    I did Moon Lord Expert first on melee, and it was the hardest. Terrarian (or Meowmere/Flairon if you're desperate) at max range while moving away but getting in and looping around top mid eye during death laser works until final phase at which time you just basically run away and count on homing...
  3. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    I actually have much more time spent as melee than than the other two main specializations. However, with anything other than Terrarian (Meow, SW, or Flairon) killing Moon Lord takes more than twice as long for me as Last Prism Magic or SDMG Ranged. How long that boss takes is the ultimate...
  4. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    Honestly, I didn't do anything particularly scientific to test weapons...just did the pillars and Moon Lord. Doing pillars I can fly around with Meowmere on auto and cover the screen with cats more or less replicating the number of hits of Star Wrath while doing 2x the listed damage per hit...
  5. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    To me Star Wrath felt worse than Meowmere in terms of DPS, but it was nice to be able to hit things on the other side of walls. Of course not getting hit is always a nice thought. However, with pillars swarming you with 6 mobs at a time and Moon Lord himself basically filling the entire screen...
  6. OnyxShadow

    Rating the end-game specializations

    Ranked from weakest to strongest... Summoner Damage - 4/5 Survivability - 2/5 Fun - 3/5 Surprisingly good damage with full summoner gear and accessories especially if you use a high damage melee or ranged weapon. However, the armor is shockingly low, and it doesn't have magic's regen buff...
  7. OnyxShadow

    MetaKnight's Endgame 1.3 Loadout

    I prefer Solar Flare because although Beetle is still slightly better in either defense or offense, its way worse in the other. Solar Flare is nicely well-rounded. Also, the on-demand dash is both fun and useful. Terrarian is definitely superior to other melee options if you can get your hands...
  8. OnyxShadow

    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    SDMG is awesome, but its a shame that it didn't get a true bullet upgrade.
  9. OnyxShadow

    Advice for Nebulla/Solar Pillars?

    Solar pillars are defensible from high ground. Just stay out of the air. Nebula pillars just require you to stay moving at all times. The dogs (or whatever they are) shoot those energy balls that bypass walls so no camping. The other guys shoot at you so you have to circle around instead of...
  10. OnyxShadow

    What Terraria Pet do you have?

    Dungeon Guardian pet. That thing took a lot of work.
  11. OnyxShadow

    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    My favorite weapon for when it was current tier is Flairon. That thing was so OP in its time it was ludicrous. Its still relatively good even though the latest tier of weapons has way higher listed damage. If its the current tier, I guess my favorite weapon is the Stardust Dragon Staff. With...
  12. OnyxShadow

    How do I pass the time between fishing quests?

    I made a mistake. I waited until I was done with just about everything else in my world to start fishing quests. So now its become very tiresome waiting out the time between daily fishing quests so that I can finally get my hands on the components to the cell phone. Why exactly do we have...
  13. OnyxShadow

    Best Setup for a health regeneration tank character?

    I'm pretty sure there's no gear set you could compile that would let you just tank his damage via regen and mitigation. His base damage is just too high (especially in phase 2), and between his constant charging, projectiles, and tornadoes he would kill a stationary player in under 15 seconds...
  14. OnyxShadow

    Is it just me or...

    Golem has always been easy because he moves so slowly and has attacks that are both fairly predictable and not especially facemelting. Then there's the whole issue of being able to restrict his movement with tiles...
  15. OnyxShadow

    (SPOILERS) Final Boss seems impossible now.

    I beat Moon Lord the first time before I even knew about the lame nurse gimmick. Over-prepare with potions and other buffs, dodge his laser beam of death by noticing it coming and flying a half circle around his middle eye, and then keep your distance and dodge in the last phase. Its certainly a...
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