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Ordinary Orange

Apr 21, 1969 (Age: 50)
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Mobile


Terraria is a good game! DESTROY HATERS (don’t take this seriously)
Celestial Eyes! Celestial Eyes (not really a suggestion, but just a cool idea)

Nice! You get a signature!

"Libertatis et Facultas!"
-me, leader of The Free Councilty of Arcadia

I am the:

toxic sludge survivor-_-
foolish victim;(

(Random forum fights infinity)
Celestium- prince of light, he is always fully armored and enjoys battle. Son of Solarius.
(Calamity adventure)
Aurora: brother of Celestium.young, and with evident tan lines. Not as OP as Celestium.

(If Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were all destroyed, 90% of teens would go insane. If you're one of the 10% that would be laughing at them, copy this into your signature and hope it happens!)



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