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Recent content by Pathfinder634

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    Console Console Dedicated Server?

    Just wondering if dedicated servers on mobile is a thing, then why isn't console dedicated server a thing. Is it technical limitations? I play on switch, and the game crashes often perhaps because of lack of optimization. Maybe a dedicated server would help take some off the load off the switch.
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    Switch Switch extremely laggy (water bolt?)

    I am also having the same problem with water bolt, especially in multiplayer where it can cause my friends to disconnect (I am hosting) and for myself to crash.
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    Switch Only one Friend can Join at a Time

    Hello, I am having a problem where only one of my friends can join at a time on a medium world. We have been playing for awhile on this same world (created before the most recent patch) and once in awhile, we would have a problem where the game instantly kicks either friend when they try to...
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