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  • I even made master mode pets Of ocram lepus and turkor for the 1.4 port


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    I made concept arts of relics of ocram lepus and turkor for the 1.4. Port


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    the consolaria mod is missing some features that were removed such as the Suspicious Looking Apple, the old walking stick, those heart arrows, the Pot o' Gold and the Holiday Bauble, so will you add those in the 1.4 port?
    you can find them in the planned content list in the thread
    i love consolaria so much
    i defeated ocram with moon lord and all 3 mechs at once
    when will it be available for the 1.4 alpha tmodder so i can fight ocram with empress?
    Heya Mr. Pigeon!
    My good sir, your mod has me quite intrigued. (Rise of Ages)
    Would you be willing to explain to me briefly what the lore looks like and whether or not you'd like someone else to help write it?
    I'd like to possibly assist with it, but as for its structure and the ways it will be implemented in the mod itself, I remain clueless.
    P.S. I'm only putting this here since PMing you didn't work ;)
    Hi and thanks for supporting RoA! Our lore part of the mod is very incomplete, but from my concepts it would be presented in a dedicated starbound-like library UI. Currently we have enough lore writers working, but I'll be sure to message you if we'll be in need of some help.
    Oh, and I honestly don't have a clue about PMs here and how they work, so I don't even know if I can receive them. You can contact me on Discord though!
    Frosty Toast
    Frosty Toast
    Thanks for getting back to me!
    And I'll be waiting if you ever DO need writers :)
    Also, lol to the PMs. I'll contact you on discord should the need arise again (if I can find it)
    Thanks again!
    Hello, Mr.Pigeon! ^_^ Hope all's well with you. If you don't mind, I would very much love to hear the origin story of your username! :D
    Heh. That's adorable. Thank you for sharing! I will admit that there is a certain appeal to comical pigeons. For a Photoshop class project, I was once tasked with the goal of "doing anything at all."
    So I took an empty glass jar, put a grenade explosive mechanism on top as its lid, and put within the jar a banana with one side open in its peel, and a pigeon's head poking out. Somehow it looked like a devastating grenade.
    Yep Photoshop surely is an infinite source of comedy
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