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  1. Pegboard

    Tool Terrafirma - Interactive Mapping

    I am on 64-Bit (32-bit got dropped, didn't it?) Windows 10.
  2. Pegboard

    Tool Terrafirma - Interactive Mapping

    This doesn't seem to launch on my PC, I try and launch it and nothing happens (after a brief loading icon) and it doesn't appear in the processes tab of Task Manager, I'm running on Win10 and tried running compat for Win8 and 7 but got the same results.
  3. Pegboard

    [Sprites] -The Cyber- a worthy adversary for the Crimson

    Xenon Slime pls (Basically neon, but blue.)
  4. Pegboard

    PC Monolith Accessory Slots

    hate to bump this, but screw it
  5. Pegboard

    PC Monolith Accessory Slots

    have you ever used a music box? :)
  6. Pegboard

    PC Monolith Accessory Slots

    I for one, like the background of the Celestial Towers, but some of my friends do not like them as much as me, I would like the be able to put monoliths in my vanity/normal accessory slots so I can see the background without causing them an issue.
  7. Pegboard

    Lunar-Tier Equipment Upgrade

    implying they aren't already
  8. Pegboard

    Inventory Space, not enough of it.

    1. Little kids totally hear swearing all the time anymore, pretty much everyone does it on a daily basis. 2. It starts out on anyway
  9. Pegboard


    only if a purity one exists, along with hallow
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