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Recent content by Perume

  1. Perume

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Depending on the skin tone you choose upon creating your character, you may get sunburnt. This debuff can take place anywhere in the surface of the world, with increased chances in the desert and the beach. It also has increased chances in the snow biome (it does happen in real life, after all)...
  2. Perume

    WIP "Guaranteed Crits" weapon mechanic

    Well, it has been mentioned already, but fire-based weapons (such as the flamelash or flamethrower) should crit whenever they hit an "slimed" enemy. It would actually make the slime gun useful.
  3. Perume

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    Well, it does work on newer versions, but it shows as the current Terraria version. I have yet to see if it's true or just a cosmetic thing.
  4. Perume

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    Human knees can negate falls up to 3 meters high. But, in Terraria, you can easily fall up to 15 meters without even flinching.
  5. Perume

    Sharing your music: the Boombox

    Support. I would be able to troll my friends so hard with this.
  6. Perume

    Your Favourite Enemy

    I used to like the Duke, but that was it. However, beating him in expert mode has made me love him. His fight was one of the most enjoyable ones in expert mode, and also he dropped really nice loot.
  7. Perume

    Your Favourite Enemy

    Well, I've always had an obsession with the destroyer. It's really fun to fight against it, and worth it if you are doing a ranger playthrough. Also, in spite of all the hate that people have towards it, I love -the infamous- Crawltipedes. Mainly because of two things: 1 - It has an unique...
  8. Perume

    The Lunar Edge - A Barrier-Creating Knife

    I really like this idea, and it seems like a fun weapon to mess around with! However, how would it work in multiplayer? Would we be able to encase monsters between two walls and see them rise to infinity? (As they would get a bit higher every time they touched the barrier)
  9. Perume

    Which species is Plantera?

    I don't think I expressed myself well (English is hard :sigh:) What I meant is, if we removed all sci-fi, weird, terrarian elements from Plantera (such as the spiky tentacles, the ability to shoot razor leaves, its general awareness of its surroundings...) and left it as an ordinary plant, which...
  10. Perume

    Which species is Plantera?

    Obviously, there isn't any real-life plant species capable of slinging itself through a jungle in order to destroy some (maybe not so) innocent people. However, has anyone ever wondered if Plantera resembles any real-life species of plants? I mean, any real flower?
  11. Perume

    WIP Armor/Vanity-Themed NPC Lines

    I'd love to see NPCs react to bosses and invasions too. "There's a giant lovecraftian beast peeping through the window, but boy, that sun is hot!". Perhaps making them seem concerned or scared would help in making them more lively.
  12. Perume

    Solar Boots

    I'd love to see the master ninja gear upgraded with vortex fragments. It would allow to dash faster and longer, would have a higher chance to avoid damage (15% maybe?) and its special ability would be that, when pressing "s" (Or the default down key) it should allow the character to latch onto...
  13. Perume

    PC Change Projectile Reflect Mechanic

    I find projectile reflection rather unique and fun, so I'm against removing it (Accidentally killing your friends while fighting mimics had never been so much fun). However, it is poorly telegraphed and inconsistent. So, to solve that: -Projectiles reflected should be completely engulfed in a...
  14. Perume

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    11 cells. A surprisingly low amount.
  15. Perume

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I left the game AFK to farm some Power Cells in expert mode. I think I left it for too long. I got the chance to decorate the farm afterwards.
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