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  • So, I noticed Red stated, in reference to Otherworld, "100,00 signatures and $15 and I'll open source it". So, I ask all you dedicated Terraria players to consider signing this petition, so the dream of playing this game may become reality.
    So, if my looking at the release date of 1.4 spoilers- I mean, calculations are correct, Loki will release 3 more spoilers before the long-awaited update is released. I suspect these will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, of the 11th, 13th, and 15th respectively. Although the one on Friday will likely be just to hype us for the update coming the following day.
    Looking at my profile post, I reached 100 messages a week ago. Now I have 200. Yeah...It took me 25 days to reach 100 messages, and 7 to reach 100 more.
    The Forums are weird. At first you think, "oh I'll log on for a few minutes, look at some new posts", and then you look up and an hour has passed. Right now, I'm grateful, because, for obvious reasons, nothing ever happens in the real world.
    I am planning to soon start making a gif for (almost) every weapon in the Terraria wiki (and possibly some modded wikis), though first I want to finish my first modded playthrough.

    If anyone is experienced with this (making gifs, not completing playthroughs :D), feel free to share how to do it (I'm relatively new and could use the help!)
    I wish Terraria Otherworld wasn't cancelled. It seemed super cool, but I guess we can look forward to (possible) Terraria 2?
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    It is unfortunate. I was also looking forward to Otherworld for the expanded role the Corruption would've had in that game, but I understand the reasons they had to cancel it.

    No idea what the next game will be, but it would be nice to see a Terraria 2 one day. I'm sure I'll enjoy the next game regardless.
    I wonder is anyone has played the game in my profile picture... If you have, congratulations, you've played my favorite Roblox game (yes I play Roblox, along with many other games, not just Terraria).
    I'm still not sure whether like the Calamity or Thorium mods better. Calamity adds more to the endgame, but Thorium adds more throughout an entire playthrough.
    The latter has involvement from Yorai, so that's a big plus from me.
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