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Recent content by Philitopolis

  1. Philitopolis

    The neverending battle

    I induce the dreaded creature only known as "The Lag" upon the universe, only allowing for 2 FPS and thus defeating all who oppose me.
  2. Philitopolis

    Share your RNG luck here!

    Slime Staff 2nd night, no joke...RNG to the 200%
  3. Philitopolis

    What are you doing when 1.2.4 comes out?

    Get onto Terraria RIGHT away, and be disappointed that 1.2.4 already came out a 1 1/2 years ago and realize I have PC. And Cry because mobile Terraria crashes on my phone.
  4. Philitopolis

    Botany Potion

    I would say make them highlighted a bright color with a sparkle to indicate where they are. Green seems a little too plant colored to be distinguishing plants. Other than that, support all the way.
  5. Philitopolis

    PC [Sprites] Vehicles! Boats and planes and stuff!

    Pretty Cool. I personally would actuaelly like to see this in Terraria:Otherworld , which seems to be more machine and vehicle based.
  6. Philitopolis

    More useful accessories

    Cool Beans, need to be combinable into one kinda group accessory. Maybe all of the ones that prevent debuffs from Martians and Solar Events could be combined into a "Tin Foil Hat" or something. The Spider things could be combined into "Nope-be-Gone."
  7. Philitopolis

    Shell Hammer (an additional use for turtle shells)

    Epic Sprite, this isn't a bad idea either!
  8. Philitopolis

    New Shroomite Stuff!

    This would be pretty cool. I personally have trouble getting my hands on enough shrooms to make shroomite, but with a killer shroom farm, this would be pretty cool. I could also see a summoner sentry that works a bit like a Giant Fungi Bulb, shooting spores that drift to an enemy.
  9. Philitopolis

    Beetle Tools and Weaponry - Giving Beetle Husks some love

    This isn't a bad idea, after farming Golem, you are kinda left with a junkload of beetle husks you really aren't going to use all that much. An alternative use for these is an order if you ask me. The Scarab Chackram(er whatever) is especially a cool weapon. Maybe a summoner weapon would be...
  10. Philitopolis

    The Ancient Salamander (Fire Elemental Boss)

    I could see this being very awesome in a mod, dunno about normal terraria but hey, I definitely wouldn't complain if it were added. I love new things added to the game!
  11. Philitopolis

    Add a new Dye slot for minions

    Good idea, needs to be a thing. And WHEN its a thing, we can all thank you for this thing having the level of thingatude that it has.
  12. Philitopolis

    Hallowed BArsz...

    Make the armor first, don't bother with the Excalibur sword till you want the Terra Blade. The bow and spear are nice but the armor is your best option.
  13. Philitopolis

    What Do YOU Think Is The Best Terraria Sword?

    As soon as you get into hardmode, if you can get your hands on a cutlass, you have it made for a while. The Feitd Baghanks and just fun to mess with.
  14. Philitopolis

    WIP Clentaminator upgrade (Clunartaminator?) (With Sprites)

    Love this idea, clentaminator just doesn't hold up, makes a mean shroom biome, but can by no means purify a world. This tool is a pretty good idea.
  15. Philitopolis

    what game is your stress-reliever?

    Minecraft or Goat Simulator. I mean , who can beat licking a car and having it explode as your dubstep minions proceed to destroy the entire town of GoatVille.
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