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Recent content by Pikadex

  1. Pikadex

    Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    I noticed that the Thorium mod has both Boulder Mimics (even using these sprites and weapon drops, presumably with permission) and Coin Bag Mimics (using their own sprites). Pretty interesting!
  2. Pikadex

    tModLoader [1.3] ARPG Loot

    Oh, I see. Sorry, looks like I wasn't. My bad!
  3. Pikadex

    tModLoader [1.3] ARPG Loot

    Yes, I'm playing Terraria v1.3.5.2, with tModloader v0.10.0.2. There's not really any other circumstances; when I'm not in the Jungle, my two weapons that have said trait work just fine, but as soon as I enter, those two (and those two only) no longer work. If it's of any relevance, I have...
  4. Pikadex

    tModLoader [1.3] ARPG Loot

    Hey, I've really enjoyed using this mod but, unfortunately, I've encountered a game-breaking bug that unfortunately forces me to uninstall it for the time being. The issue is, using weapons that increase damage in the Jungle can not be used in the Jungle, and seems to sometimes result in a crash.
  5. Pikadex

    Flare Gun Changes and Additions

    I like the Flare Gun, actually. It's very ineffective as a combat item, obviously, but it's a quick and easy way to light up a cave or get underwater light. While the sticky glowstick can achieve both effects while emitting more light AND being retrievable after tie, the Flare Gun still holds...
  6. Pikadex

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    Ah, but you misunderstand. They aren't being suggested as a potion, but rather they extend the duration of your buff, and are permanent. Similar in a way to Heart Crystals, Mana Crystals, and Life Fruits.
  7. Pikadex

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    Damage per hit isn't everything, you know. The Death Sickle has the benefit of shooting through walls and infinite piercing. If you shoot it just right, then you can get a lot of hits in at once. The Seedler, while it may have less damage, it has seeds. Explosive seeds cause a bit of AOE, and...
  8. Pikadex

    WIP Throwing Class Overhaul and Hardmode Thrower Stuff

    But there will most likely be multiple bosses on top, multiplying the DPS still. Your calculation before included, in theory, as many bosses as could be fit into a second with its fire rate, which would explain why moving 1 hit to 6 gives so little of an increase. With the King Slime one, it's...
  9. Pikadex

    Goblins and Minions

    Hello, hello! Don't you find it odd that the only type of weapon that the Goblin Summoner doesn't drop is a summoning weapon? (Well, there's throwing, but let's just pretend. Okay? Cool.) Therefore, I propose that we have one. Since I couldn't decide which to put down, I put both! My goal isn't...
  10. Pikadex

    WIP Throwing Class Overhaul and Hardmode Thrower Stuff

    Alright, good point. But a different concern is that it may not be... erm... "desirable" to have your screen constantly filled with multiple giant bosses. Maybe smaller versions to counter this? Also, my concern was that when damaging entities 'sit' on top of an target, damage is dealt very...
  11. Pikadex

    WIP Throwing Class Overhaul and Hardmode Thrower Stuff

    This is a pretty cool suggestion. One thing I noticed, though, was the Monster Containment Capsule. I'm... not quite sure about that one. It looks like it'd cause a heck of a lot of lag due to boss spam. If it works the way I think it does, it could end up being horribly overpowered. It sounds...
  12. Pikadex

    Broken Hero Swords are no longer rare trash

    I like it. I think it's worth supporting, unless I manage to come across a better idea. As with the Terra Blade argument, you have to beat Plantera to get it, yet - when it comes to just swords - it's outclassed by the Seedler (just barely,) Influx Waver, Meowmere, and Star's Wrath. Heck, since...
  13. Pikadex

    Meowmere vs Star Wrath?

    I've never got the Star's Wrath from the Moon Lord, but I did briefly try it out, and I love it. It's my second favourite weapon, beaten only by the Harpoon.
  14. Pikadex

    I grow; I am growing; I do grow. I grew; I have grown; I did grow. I am going to grow; I will grow.

    I grow; I am growing; I do grow. I grew; I have grown; I did grow. I am going to grow; I will grow.
  15. Pikadex

    PC Jungle Mimic: A Look Inside

    They do have a mimic, just not a mini-boss mimic. The drops from hardmode 'tundra'-mobs can be extremely good early on - Amarok, Frost Staff, Frostbrand, etc. - so I, personally, think that it doesn't really need one. Good point, though! As for the fishing weapon, I never thought of that.
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