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Recent content by Pixel8ted

  1. Pixel8ted

    PC hi, im looking for people for coop for my first playthrough :D

    Im Ironotor if you are still looking for people.
  2. Pixel8ted

    What is the absolute bane of your existence in Terraria?

    I despise diabolists and star cells. Star cells are kinda glitchy and can multiply, this makes them very annoying. Diabolists just fire through blocks and theres nothing you can do except burn.
  3. Pixel8ted

    Wanna long-term vanilla expert duo/trio

    Sure. I can play most weekdays and Sunday.
  4. Pixel8ted

    Got a cool vanity character? See it used in the State of the Game Banner!

    “Shadowflame Mage” A being of fire encased in a shell of armour
  5. Pixel8ted

    PC Help me build! [First post] [New terrarian]

    If you’re just wanting to build, i highly suggest getting a terraria world editing software like TEdit. Its like creative mode for terraria.
  6. Pixel8ted

    Fishing Quest Reward - Better Bug Net

    I like this. I think fishing is kinda skipped by most players, so any improvement in fishing i like.
  7. Pixel8ted


    This would go great in a mod, but i feel it doesn’t fit terraria’s quirky fantasy theme. If it was a martian satellite that appeared only once the martians were defeated it could definitely fit.
  8. Pixel8ted

    Lucky or Menacing?

    I highly suggest lucky for mage or melee but rangers should always try to max raw damage as well as summoners. Range already has a ton of crit and going over 100% doesn’t help much.
  9. Pixel8ted

    PC Help me build! [First post] [New terrarian]

    Try using different walls on the interior. I suggest a mix of slab wall, plank wall and wooden beams. It gives a medieval look to it. I suggest incorporating windows in each room too. Fireplaces, candles and lanterns are my personal favourite light source. Another thing you could try is using...
  10. Pixel8ted

    Terraria State of the Game: December 2019

    I am excited and a little confused at this bit. Those cat/dog sprites look different than the ones we already have, does this mean we will be getting a pet overhaul?
  11. Pixel8ted

    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Yeah, but it would be cool for something like that to be in a mod. And i get what you’re saying about speed. If its slow it would leave a trail but if it goes fast enough it could explode into spores, it would provide 2 kinds of attack with the switch if an accessory.
  12. Pixel8ted

    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    They could have different recipes. Depending on what they do, they could cost more Shroomite or musket balls/arrows But this might be more of something you would see in a mod
  13. Pixel8ted

    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Maybe just like the armor, they could have different abilities. Three for bullets and three for arrows.
  14. Pixel8ted

    You Just Got 'Boned!'

    I alway wanted more drops from Skeletron, to this is great! I would suggest a different name for “bow marrow” as there is already the hardmode bow “marrow” dropped by skeleton archers. I still like the pun though.
  15. Pixel8ted

    Spectre Bullets/Arrows

    Thats a good idea! Especially since mushroom spores phase through blocks. What would the arrows do then? Edit: They could split into smaller spores on impact or leave a trail of spores.
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