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  1. PizzaBiteGaming

    Texture Pack BFB Statues Texture Pack

    I know this isn't as great as every other texture pack here but I decided to post this onto here since it's my first texture pack (except a joke one with a single item). So, I made a 3 item texture pack that makes the 2, 4 and X statues into the same characters from the BFB/TPOT series since I'm...
  2. PizzaBiteGaming

    Class Ranking

    Whoops, didnt even realise.
  3. PizzaBiteGaming

    Class Ranking

    In my opinion: 1. Ranged 2. Mage 3. Summoner 4. Melee I feel that ranged is the best class in the game mostly because of how big of an arsenal it has and how powerful it can be in most major stages of the game. In pre, it has the bows and Boomstick which can be obtained nearly straight away...
  4. PizzaBiteGaming

    PC I Can't Connect To My Friend's Server But He Can Connect To Me.

    Lately, I have been having troubles connecting to a friend of mine's server via steam however he is able to connect to me. We tried verifying the game files and restarting Terraria and our computers but nothing helps to allow me to connect. I keep on getting stuck to the 'Connecting To' screen...
  5. PizzaBiteGaming

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    Absolutely love the mod so far! Finally gives me a reason to visit Pre-Hardmode Snow.
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