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Pmuuhzedci Sycdan

Hello, I am Pmuuhzedci Sycdan, otherwise known as Bloonjitsu Master.
i'm a Dedicated Lamia Lover, Miia is Only Girl, although Zoologist is pretty qt too.
i'm also absolutely fanatical about T E R R A R I A, and started my addiction in late 2013, on the ps3 (rip og ps3 world, 1.2 killed you)

i have a Youtube Channel that uploads nothing but quality content low quality content, that is.
i also have a PSN Account that is basically dead. so that's nice.
i also also have a Know Your Meme Account, so go :red:post there, if that's your thing. here you go.(it's a link click it)
here, have a Mishatex,



Dec 19, 1999 (Age: 21)
pretend i said something witty, ok?
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PS3/Vita
  2. Terraria: Playstation 4
Favorite Thread
waiting for 1.4 console


Email Address
[email protected]
Discord Tag
Pmuuhzedci Sycdan#1310
Youtube Page


Summer In The Hills
Those Hazy Days I Do Remember
We Were Running Still
Had The Whole World At Our Feet
Watching Seasons Change
Our Roads Were Lined With Adventure
Mountains In The Way
Couldn't Keep Us From The Sea
Here We Stand, Open Arms
This Is Home, Where We Are
Ever Strong In The World That We Made
I Still Hear You In The Breeze
See Your Shadows In The Trees
Holding On To Memories Never Change
A Voice Is On The Wind
There's A Storm That's Rolling In
The Armies Of The Realms Are Rising Up
It's Time To Choose A Side
It's The Darkness Or The Light
The Battle For Eternity Has Begun
Are You Willing To Die?
I Am The Last Post Knight For Bringing Page 2,500 Into Fruition On The Last Post Wins.
1. All My Life, Daiki Kasho, Gran Turismo 6 Soundtrack
2. Be Legendary, Pop Evil, Pop Evil
3. The Sound Of Silence, Disturbed, Immortalized
4. Viking Death March, Billy Talent, Dead Silence
5. Waking Lions, Pop Evil, Pop Evil,
6. Strange Days, Three Days Grace, Outsiders
7. The Mountain, Three Days Grace, Outsiders
8. Bulletproof, Godsmack, When Legends Rise
9. Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats, Billy Talent, Afraid Of Heights
10. Break, Three Days Grace, Life Starts Now
bonus cause :red: you that's why
Sympathy, Billy Talent, Billy Talent II


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