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Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
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  • does anybody know what's going on with reddits mobile site? it doesn't want to load for me
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them at that moment, works just fine for me.
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    reddit only works for me when i use the desktop site now, the mobile one is just stuck, i can't log in or do anything
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    ok, now it's working just fine
    so, i appearently dressed regal up as a chef before i beat mithos, and he was still in that chef outfit when you run into him in the meltokio sewers. it was pretty funny to see zelos get stomped by a convict cosplaying as a chef
    deciding to take a break from getting the treasure hunter trophy, and for whatever reason, have decided to start playing tales of symphonia again. i have to relearn the controls though, because i haven't played it in almost 1 year.

    although, i could swear i changed normal attack to x, and tech to o. oh well.
    well, i now have every t3 weapon aside from kains lance. not too long until i can go whip orphans :red:.

    also, remember that comment about succeeding the first death on an adamantoise? i was wrong. getting that to happen twice was more satisfying. sometimes i R E A L L Y wish i could record video on the ps3
    so, for :red:s and giggles, i went and got the platinum trophy for ff13-2, so this means i got the plat for the last game first, and will get the plat for the first game last`:confused:

    also, there is not O N E thing that is more satisfying then succeeding the first instant death attempt on an adamantoise. not. one.
    farming adamantoise for trapezohedron: small brain

    farming adamantoise for platinum ingots to buy trapezohedron: big brain

    farming mission 63 for gold nuggets to buy trapezohedron: massive brain

    dismantling genji glove to obtain trapezohedron: G A L A X Y B R A I N
    so, after finding the last part for bhakti (was not expecting that vampire to have it 'o_O) and actually buying a trapezohedron, i went through chapter 12 with little to no effort, only losing to a pair of humbabas and the absolute worst luck i've ever experienced with a sacrifice. now i just need to start going for 5 more traps and the hardest part is over.
    so i've beaten barthandelus and backtracked to complete as many cie'th stone missions as possible. slightly over halfway there, and i have the vast majority of that half 5-stared. wish i could find the last part for bhakti though.

    i'm not gonna start chapter 12 until i get lightning's t3 weapon, just for :red:s and giggles.
    i just reached chapter 11. cid raines is, by far, my least favorite boss. he's fine as a character, but god, that boss fight is not okay

    after i get to orphans cradle, then the farming can begin
    i'm now at chapter 10 in ff13, and, for whatever reason, have turned lightning into a total powerhouse. nearly 500 strength and enough magic to rival vanille and hope, with a melee oriented build
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    Pmuuhzedci Sycdan
    case in point: pushing for extreme damage per hit, i can easily reach over 15k in one hit
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