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  1. pototo

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    1.5 WhEn DeVs In all seriousness, what was the greatest milestone/achievement that you have reached?
  2. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    Sorry I was a little late, but if I was to choose one I would choose the coin gun, because its the only weapon which uses coins for ammo and if you loads of platinum coins (e.g. in journey mode) its OP.
  3. pototo

    AMA, I guess.

    what is your favourite stage of the game?
  4. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    I like sentries less then whips, I like whips. (cough cough BoC and EoW)
  5. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    Ranger is fun, Melee is my second favourite, and mage is kinda meh to me
  6. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    Enchanted dagger, it so cool!
  7. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    Idk, the way thing work with it fun and its a good challenge, you can practice your dodging and the weapons are quite creative
  8. pototo

    Ask a Summoner Main Anything

    Ask me anything
  9. pototo

    tModLoader Too Many Enemies

    you could try a peace candle + calming potion and see if that permanently lowers spawnrates, or make a new player/world
  10. pototo

    PC Rick Astley Texture Pack

    Retextures bosses to have rick rolls on them. This is cursed.
  11. pototo

    tModLoader How would I go about applying a permanent debuff to the player?

    For the mod that I'm making for me and my friends, I made debuff that changes your max life to 1/3 of what it could have been, however I can't figure out how to do this and so you need to re-apply the debuff every time you heal at the nurse or die. How would I go around this problem?
  12. pototo

    tModLoader Too Many Enemies

    You should try verify your files. Go to steam --> tModLoader --> right-click --> properties --> local files --> verify integrity
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